The Busy Signals – Love And Dust E.P. 7″

busysignals_loveanddust.jpgHere’s another fine example that it’s worth to roll up your sleeves and start digging for new bands. Just Wanna Go Out will easily get a place on future punk rock compilations of obscure and lost 7inches from the year 2005.


Why are The Busy Signals so fucking great then? Well an excerpt from an interview in Chicago Reader may reveal a little bit of it:” The Busy Signals have plenty of ambitions, but making it in the music biz isn’t one of them. The local five-piece takes after record-geek favorites like the Kids, Protex, and the Boys — late-70s and early-80s also-rans who played electrifying melodic punk and power pop but barely got within spitting distance of commercial success. “We’re ripping off bands that at their most popular were only marginally popular,” says drummer Frankie Jensen. “Groups that put out a couple great singles, maybe did one album that no one can find anymore, and that was it. It sounds fucking ridiculous, but that’s our goal ultimately.“.


Country: USA
Year: 2005
Label: Douchemaster
Format: 7″
Love And Dust
Just Wanna Go Out.mp3
Do What You Want.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Busy Signals – Love And Dust E.P. 7″

  1. scott says:

    Very good….of course if they want legendary status they’ll have to leave less clues as to their identities…..shouldn’t have used their full names on the info, maybe should’ve put they’re nicknames on the sleeve instead making them almost untraceable in 20 years time…..eternal fame will be assured….of course if their really serious at least 2 members of the band will have to have died by them in mysterious circumstances…..

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I woke up one day when I was 6 years old just to discover that I’ve been mysteriously circumcised. Will that make me a legend when I’m dead?

  3. scott says:

    I guess you won’t be achieving your legendary status as part of the ‘puppetry of the penis’ performance show then:)

  4. Jay says:

    Best band in Chicago these days. Their follow-up on Shit Sandwich is a killer, too.

  5. mr anderson says:


  6. Degenerateen says:

    Busy Signals “Just Wanna Go Out” video-

    I love how you put recent stuff up along w/ real KBD. You’re a good man! Sometime you should put up the NIX 7″.

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for the kind words Degenrateen.

  8. ihatemakingscree says:

    Is there some connection between this band and the Tyrades besides awesome music and Chicago. As in sharing members? Just curious.

  9. timmythepunk says:

    Incredidible riffing so tight and tuneful, thanks for the download.

  10. Jay says:

    Frank, the Busy Signals drummer, was in the Tyrades. Also, Kevin (guitarist) is in the Krunchies, and Jeremy (bassist) used to be in the Carbonas.

  11. Allan Lyon says:

    I thought it was a pisstake on power pop. All the cliché are there, the clothes, the cover, the ltrics and the sound. I think they are just kids trying real hard to copy their favorite bands. The sound nothing new and you can find countless of better bands who played this type of music the 70’s/80’s and did it better in an original context. I’ve seen the Busy Signals play in Chicago a few weeks ago, some people in the crowd kinda laughed at their *fake* or cartoonish look but they are an ok band live for what it is. You just have to forget about their dumb copycat image.

  12. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    As you can read from the interview the BS do not claim to be original:”We’re ripping off bands that at their most popular were only marginally popular,” and that they do very well. Just as many old bands from the late 70s ripped of bands from the 60s and early 70s.

  13. Niggy Skittles says:

    Ain’t talkin’ bout no keychain!
    This band will spit on your tits and make your papa breakfast. Have you tried the new Budweiser and Clamato?

  14. someone who knows says:

    I like the band, the hooks, the image, but the girl really isn’t my taste as she sings a bit like the guy from “The Doll” (band who did “Trash”).. the band must have known this- that’s why they buried her vocals so much.

  15. zach says:

    their lp from 2007 is even better than this.

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