Authorities – Soundrack For Trouble E.P. 7″

authorities_soundtrack.jpg“Play this record loud, play it often, and play it under the influence of large amounts of alcohol.”. The forementioned wise words can be found on the back of the sleeve. I don’t know if “Löken” the basist of the long going swedish HC band Rovsvett and an old friend of mine was drunk when he gave this record to me. I was lucky as hell but never dared to play it drunk though. My first encounter with the Authorities was I Hate Cops on the “We Got Power” compilation and was of course blown away.


I was never kicked out of the band, I quit the band because some of the members were doing Heroin and I knew I didn’t want to die from trying that type of Drug, nore would I ever try it. Also I’m the guy who wrote the song ‘Shot In The Head’.


Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Selecta
Format: 7″
I Hate Cops.mp3
Shot In The Head.mp3

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  1. dylan says:

    this is way rad. from stockton? weird burb…
    and yes, your friend WAS drunk when he gave this to you. there is an LP floating around with 10-15 songs of authorities goodness. its a winner if you can find one. it has a picture of a cop hugging a dog on the sleeve…

  2. Boulder says:

    The Authorities rock almost as hard as Split Enz.

    Points off for no clown suits, though.

    Punk + Clown Suits = Rock and Roll, dudes. I Hate Cops was also on the Copulation Comp. from Mystic, which was OK.

  3. dave says:

    would love to get a hold of that PUPPY LOVE album…a bootleg cd is running around in ebay, those suckers!!…this is hardcore at it’s best!!….oh, and that intro on ACHTUNG!?…just brilliant…

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ryan Richardson who’ve released a bunch of great records like The Fix-In this town, Peer Pressure and Rock Bottom And The Spys etc etc also released the Puppet Love LP:

  5. dylan says:

    ryan richardson is a saint!

  6. jawhn says:

    The CD version of Puppy Love was done by Get Hip and has never gone out of print, tmk. You can buy it here for $13:|20|0|0|161220|9:-:0:-:0:-:0:-:authorities

    It has the Soundtrack 7″ and the previously unreleased album’s worth of songs (nothing as good as the 7″, imo, but still worth getting, no question.)

  7. dave says:

    gee, thanks…but i live on the other side of the globe but will definitely ask a friend in the US to check it out…cheers!…

  8. Joe says:

    The Darvocets from Cleveland, OH do a great cover of “Radiationmasturbation”

  9. Jon K. says:

    Career Suicide also cover Radiationmasturbation a lot – and do it well.

  10. Rich White says:

    After finally hearing the original version of Achtung! I have come to realize that Screeching Weasel did an AMAZING cover of it. Oh, shut up SW rules and ya know it….

    P.S. The fact that a band as god damn good as the Authorities can be condemned to this level of obscurity is a fucking shame. This is my favourite band of the month for sure and I’m gonna get that full lp of unreleased shit too!

  11. el bobov says:

    the authorities ruled. im from stockton,ca. where they were from and theyre definitely the town heroes. you should also try and find the
    HOT SPIT DANCERS,a band that formed after The AUTHORITIES with Nick Slurb on guitar. I can get ahold of a copy of it if anyone wants to write I can hook you up. Awesome shit,more dope addict-y punk than The AUTHORITIES,but that gives it its appeal. Nick Slurbs guitar skills really came out awesome in that band.

  12. kill canadiens says:

    career suicide fucking suck.anyone from canada should consider suicide.fuck you.

  13. save canadians says:

    thanks for the higly intelligent insight mister “kill canadiens”. will think about your comment for awhile and then decide what to do. anything else your little brain managed to come up with?

  14. Chata Ortega says:

    Canada seems to be great; and if it’s not, at least it’s BIG! “kill canadiens” should consider going to bed without supper, he bit himself in the toe right there(norwegian proverb).

  15. Chuck Foster says:

    Okay, so I remember reading the original KBD liner notes and the writer (Johan?) claimed that the lyrics in I Hate Cops are not “I hate cops/They’re all fuckin’ niggers…” So what are they?

  16. MRR said it says “niggers” – mr. kugelberg said they sing “piggers”. I believe him.

  17. Jay Thurston says:

    It is “piggers”.

  18. Josh D. says:

    It CLEARLY says “I Hate Cops, They’re All Fuckin’ Niggers” Open your ears

  19. Griffith says:

    It’s “piggers,” not “niggers.” I know. I was good friends with these guys, and I designed the cover to this record. A brilliant four-song EP classic. Rest in peace, Nick “Slurb” Kappos.

    • Jay Thurston says:

      Anyone with half a brain would realize that it is “piggers”…thanks

      • zach says:

        yeah definitely “piggers”.

      • Dan Geist says:

        Yes, that is what anyone with half a brain would choose to…um…”realize.” But anyone with a whole brain can hear, unmistakably, “niggers.” Don’t go so worked up about it…and PLEASE don’t fantasize that you can get away with denying the obvious. The Authorities hate cops and they use a bad, bad word to convey that hatred. That’s punk. It ain’t perfect. It is what it is.

  20. Johnny says:

    They say “niggers” but later pretended it is “piggers”! True story! Man, those moralist hippies at MRR (Tim (Flower Power) Yohannan & Jeff (judgemental) Bale sure were pissed.

  21. been looking for this since 1987! ‘i hate cops’ was on a cassette someone brought me from the US and it was credited to white flag along with ‘shattered badge’. i just came across this by accident.

  22. KevinCoed says:

    Is this old news or did everybody else know that they’re doing some gigs this year? Including two dates at the All Tomorrows Parties in the UK in May…

    I’m gob-smacked.

  23. neil d says:

    I just found that out. Awesome. Apart from the fact that there are no tickets left.

    I cant imagine a bunch of super-hipsters digging the Authorities though.

  24. b e h j a n says:

    Oh that “niggers” and “piggers” thing with the AUTHORITIES…
    I guess that was food for MAXIMUMROCKNROLL for a long time,wasn´t it !?
    Apparently the singer sung it in sucha clever way that you couldn´t even decipher that particular word in a studio with all the necessary equipment !?
    Re-union? Haven´t TWO members from the 7″e.p.- line-up passed away years ago (Big Nick Slurb & Dave Kambestead -R.I.P. !) ???

  25. Levi Johnston says:

    To keep up-to-date with the times, I heard at the reenactment shows they intend to sing “niggaz.” I support poetic license, but I am not sure if this is a good call.

  26. elliott says:

    great 7 and the followup is really good too. thanks. yeah it’s piggers.

  27. Fan says:

    The Authorities are playing The Windmill, Brixton London 18th May 2010 , and the Prince Albert, Brighton 17th May 2010 .
    They completely destroyed the South of the Border venue London last night Friday 14th May ..sadly with merely about 30 people there as witness ..and all for just over the price of a pint..

    So come on you apathetic England based punks – dont bitch about “no good bands left ” when you are lucky enough to have the real shit right under your nose….The Authorities will skin you alive.

  28. Andy says:

    Screeching Weasel did a nice cover of Achtung!…

  29. Andy says:

    …and if anyone has a spare copy – I have a Split Enz record to trade…

  30. zach says:

    for those of us who can’t afford the original, Get Hip records is re-issuing this 7″ this with two extra tracks.

  31. woody36 says:

    i remember kirk the lead singer he and a m8 came 2 visit me in london england. i would like 2 think that they were playing in london but i dont think it would be the same without big nick slurb R.I.P. would love 2 get that demo of the hot spit dancers. HI MR BRIAN GRIFFITH OF TOWER RECORDS.

  32. b in b says:

    Authorities back in the U.K. Feb this year too!
    Brighton show-
    Sun 26th Feb @ Prince Albert.
    Tickets here –

  33. Josh says:

    Saw them a couple years ago, they were ok. Not entirely mailed in. They were still fast, the vocals weren’t tired. I asked about the “niggers” “piggers” thing and he seemed to get frustrated for a second and said that it’s always been “piggers”. Cool record and my first KBD! Picked up a mint copy for $20 a while ago.

  34. DK says:

    I spent my teen years in Stockton (Lincoln Village) and First heard The Authorities in 85! If you were from there, you would know “Piggers” was our local term of endearment for Stocktons finest! the Hot Spit Dancers made a lot of noise at house parties until the “Piggers” came round! Never knew they recorded anything…

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