Monad – Love Is The Lesson 7″

monad.jpgTotaly mystery band. Find nothing about them. One Kiss is a great fucked up art punk track that deserves to be comped. From Cambridge, Massachutes, USA.





Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Monad
Format: 7″
One Kiss.mp3

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  1. TOD says:

    In 1981 we couldn’t even get a gig at “The Underground”. Our band clearly did not fit in and there was no club that wanted us. We ended up playing neighborhood shows outside our house
    in Cambridge.

    The few people who liked us back then, REALLY LIKED US ALOT. There just weren’t too many of them…

    So we packed up and went back to our planet.

    Thanks for putting ONE KISS on your web site. It’s nice to be appreciated and we will return
    to Earth one day.

    Tod Born

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hi Tod! That’s always a problem with great original bands that don’t fit into the mould. I like One Kiss alot. A shame that you wheren’t appreciated back then. Hopefully this post will bring some new fans to Monad.

    How many copies did you press of this record?

  3. TOD says:


    Glad to hear that you enjoyed ONE K. We pressed
    1500 copies of the record (and still have 1,000 in storage!).

    Let me know if you would like one…



  4. Erich says:

    I’d take one ……..

  5. TOD says:


    What is your mailing address?


  6. matt says:

    tod, i would love a 7″. what is your e-mail?

  7. As Above, So Below says:

    Wow! We remember MONAD from the Sunday Shows at the old Boston Visual Artists Union and the RED loft and Nuccleo Ecclectico Art Gallery. They were a Power Trio with punchy, physical songs; short, but to the point-like a Mission Of Burma/Buzzcocks/Jam vibe; smarty, arty, yet gritty and edgy, as well. They never made it too big outside of Boston/Cambridge & the Art/Punk scene and got lost in the big hair/new wave/rock/disco Spit Club scene. So great to hear this one again! “Missle X, I’m in love with you!” B.B.M.=
    “Bring Back Monad!”–MacKew..

  8. Charlie M says:

    This reminds me a lot of Punishment Of Luxury’s punchier songs. Very good. Hey Peter, please could you send me Tod’s email address as I too would liek to buy one. Or pass on this message and my email address to him?

  9. still enjoying out of vogue says:

    hi, great track…what’s “eve” like, any chance of adding…also did the correspondence with Tod unearth any other material by monad or other groups…guessing that if there’s rarities that deserve to be heard but have never seen the-light-of-most-days he might be a fellow that would know…and kbd the place to make it happen…anything art punk with even vague similarities to monad / mission of burma would be swell

  10. Charlie M says:

    I asked the inevitable question in an email to Tod – sure he won’t mind me sharing his reply.
    “Thanks for your kind words & support. It took years for the record to become “popular”.
    We never did gig with Mission of Burma. I enjoyed seeing them play a few times, but we were a little too sloppy & rough around the edges to be part of that scene. (We were mostly playing at homemade art galleries and in bars that were not very well known at the time.)
    One day you can buy a t-shirt or bumper sticker from my current band, EARTH COLONY. ”

    And thanks a lot for sending the Monad 7″ Tod.

  11. Tony says:

    Awesome track maybe modern heroes Iceage took influence?

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