Massmedia – S/T E.P. 7″

massmedia_ep.jpgAs you should know by now most swedish punk rock released between 77-80 ruled. No wonder Rob Noxious is so obsessed with swedish punk.


What a drag then when swedish punk rock started to suck so bad from around 1983 and onward when all the Discharge clones poped up and punks where more interested in studs and getting drunk.


Here’s the first Massmedia 7inch. Really amateruish and it’s hard to imagen this is the same band listening to their third release 1 year later. This one have really grown on me during the years. 500 numbered copies.


Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Label: Massproduktion
Format: 7″

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12 Responses to Massmedia – S/T E.P. 7″

  1. Tony says:

    I have loved this EP since I first heard it back in ’99- so sloppy and full of energy, it sounds like they were trying so hard and playing their hearts out. A charming record. “Discodivor” is my favorite. Their 2nd 7″ is a brutal one! After that, they were too polished for me. Aside from late 70’s American stuff, Sweden is #2 for me- Problem, Massmedia, the Sarah Coffman EP, Kriminella Gitarrer, Liket Lever and about a 1,000 others. And there is always some new surprise obscurity from Sweden it seems.

  2. mikael says:

    Useless facts: This was the last song played on the legendary Ny VÃ¥g radio show 1983.

  3. mikael says:

    Adding: The song “p3” that is. The (hate) song is about the channel that aired Ny VÃ¥g.

  4. mikael says:

    The song “SR” it should read. Too early for me….

  5. Larz Gustafsson says:

    Saw them live in Gävle back in ´79 or ´80.
    Great band.
    They also released an album: “37 minuter i skivaffären”.

  6. b e h j a n says:

    Wasn´t it already recorded at the end of 1978 ?
    My favourite MASSMEDIA out of their 4xrelaeses and very very lo-fi,almost “skelethal-Punk”. Their “Discodivor” is just amazing-this 7″ e.p. almost has an EVIL vibe athmoshere…
    And THE ultra-noisy production…
    (On the liner´s of SWE-PUNK-ONLY “K.B.D.” comp.LP volume 51, the guy
    says, that along the 1st SHIT KIDS 7″e.p., N-LINERS 7″e.p. and this
    ONE, (it included the S.K. there) …is the “WORST SWEDISH PUNK
    Too bad just like (almost) every other “MassProduction” releases, there were pressed slightly under a 500 pressing run …
    Real Positive Dirt !

  7. b e h j a n says:

    LARZ GUSTAFFSON, are you of “BIZEX-B” fame (“ZLUGGO POP”) ?
    Would love to hear back again from you :-)

  8. Martin says:

    I would like to add Nasty Boys and the Sarah Coffmann EP to the list of worst produced swe punk records. And by worst produced I mean best of course.

  9. anarkistattak says:

    great ep, but a low blow to post 83 swedish punk! cant we agree its all good! 76- 86! except for that awful raped teenagers EP that i overpaid for :)

  10. Nathan G says:

    Absolute genius!!!!

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