The Vipers – I’ve Got You 7″

vipers.jpgI’ve Got You is regarded as a classic. And it might be a song for you in case you’ve got a taste for generic pop songs. It’s the b-side that’s the real meat and potatoes here. But watch out! There’s a guitar solo in there that makes no sense at all just nonsense.


“A huge influence on the Cleary brothers who later formed The Blades. Mentioned by Paul Weller of The Jam in the NME as one of his favourite new bands he picked them to tour with The Jam.”


Country: Irealand
Year: 1978
Label: Mulligan
Format: 7″
I’ve Got You.mp3
No Such Thing.mp3

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  1. gerry molyneaux says:

    wasn’t there suppossed to be a biography coming out by former band member Paul Moloney some years ago.sometimes mistaken as a mod or even powerpop(what the hell was that anyone know????)the vipers were a punk band with pop pun k edgings and were a joy to watch.Such a pity the album never came out but with all the teen retro interest now maybe yer man will bring the book out and the long lost recordings will appear.great punk band’.

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