Urrk – 7″

De e dax 7.jpgQ: How many swedish punkrecords were released 1977-1982?

A: A lot! Most of them in a very limited edition, like 300-500 ex (like this one)






Country: Sweden
Year: 1978
Format: 7″

De e dax.mp3


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  1. canuckpunk says:

    hey! i like this one! especially the first track, great song….has that great cadence and old rattus style vocal…cool post

  2. Tony says:

    Gammal is such a killer song, it blew me away when I first heard it on Bloodstains Across Sweden #3 back in ’98. This has to be one of the only picture sleeves with a punk/weightlifting crossover theme. Was this guy a friend of the band or something? Or maybe a band member? Strange… I didn’t think punks and weightlifters hung out together, ESPECIALLY not in 1980 when punks were on the receiving end of beatings from guys like this. I take that back– some punks did become jocks and weightlifters during the straight edge boom of the late 80’s/early 90’s. A funny time…

    • C says:

      No, weightlifters and punks normaly didn´t hung out together, but…this guy was my friend and we thoght it would be a really anti-punk-punk thing to do have him on the recordsleeve. In one of our shows we invited him to be with us on stage. He was wearing a Superman-t-shirt, but Instead of playing any instrument he throw eggs on the audience.
      C. Guitarplayer, URRK

      • Nathan G says:

        Ha ha ha!! That is hilarious! Thanks for the story and the crankin’ tunes!!

        • Carin Fock says:

          Baseball is a sport in the United States. In recent testimony, to my delight, the girlfriend of Barry Bonds, a player/steroid experiment, stated that she noticed at some point that his testicles felt significantly smaller in her mouth! As my AC/DC-sized balls never receive any attention, I am thinking of dropping my usual drug repertoire for steroids.

          Beyond the cover picture (which is fucking great), I fail to understand the appeal of this record. The guitar on the A-side is good but the song sort of plods along. Thanks, nonetheless, to TV Eye.

  3. dylan says:

    the music, good. the cover? a masterpiece.

  4. jim johanson says:

    my god… my name is jim and i do the vocals…im 44 now and feeling real old seeing this cover. anyhow…the bodybuilder was a friend of our guitarist whom i can not remember the name of..hasse played bass, christer drums.. christer is dead, died of overdose of heroin is -92… i moved to usa and live in detroit.. i also did vocals for razzia, you can find 3 songs on the site. i joined them after getting kicked out of urrk, something about not writing good songs, whatever….

  5. jim johanson says:

    can you add lordagsurrkare? it was always my favorite…and gamla bro…that was actually the main track….needless to say i dont have this record and have not heard it for 28 years…

  6. wille says:

    I hade this EP once. Now its gone. Maybe ill find it sometime..

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