The Maggots – Tammy Wynette E.P. 7″

maggots_reissue.jpgAgain? Since the nice folks at Discourage Records have done such a wonderful re-issue of this I just need to plug it again! Get it while you can!! For all you vinyl geeks: 1100 on black vinyl and 20 page booklet(with original sleeve), 200 on clear vinyl, obi stripe and 20 page booklet(the one you see here). Some Maggot links: Vicki Berndt the vocalist who’ve taken photos of fames like The Go Gos, Hole, Red Kross, Shonen Knife and more. For the geeks: Break My Face It Never Ends#3. The old Maggots post. 2/2/79 is actually BETTER then Tammy Wynette!


Country: USA
Year: 1980/2006
Label: Discourage Records
Format: 7″
Let’s Get Tammy Wynette.mp3
2 2 79.mp3
Rough Dub.mp3
Let’s Get Tammy Wynette(demo).mp3

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  1. none says:

    Isn’t it kind of wrong that this reissue just came out, and is available for sale yet you put the entire thing on here for people to download?

  2. none says:

    I hit send too fast. I meant to close with “if I was Discourage Records and put forth all that time and money to reissue this thing, I’d be pretty pissed”

  3. Joe says:

    lol, none, but I doubt discourage will have a problem selling this one.

    Thanks for putting it up.

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    If I thought this post would do ANY harm to the selling of this release I wouldn’t post it. I’m pretty sure it will do the opposite since lots of newcomers will get to hear it. And with the tedious work Discourage put into this I’m sure alot of people here will buy it right away.

  5. dylan says:

    the maggots 45 has cost way too much for way too long NONE. i for one will buy a copy just for the info, and joy of finally hearing this record come from a record!!! and i wouldnt worry about DISCOURAGE R’N’R they make plenty of money selling their original copies of records like the maggots for way too much money…

  6. none says:

    Did anyone think to ask Discourage, who has the rights to this stuff, what they thought about you doing this, or to get their blessing instead of assuming it would be ok and also making assumptions about their financial status, not to mention thinking that just because you might buy it after downloading it for free – that everyone would, which certainly isn’t the case.

  7. Laika says:

    none, I think you don’t know much about the whole download dilemma. major artist loose some money yes. small independt labels and artists actually EARN money by giving away free mp3s. why? cause their audience is eager to support their effort. all proven in some university studys. so yes Discourage will actually earn money on this post. so this KBD site shall actually have some of the profit.

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I have to agree with “none” about making assumptions about Discourages financial status who we know nothing about. Sure one can think that their records are a bit expensive but I guess that what happens if you’re trying to run a small business that specialise in a certain niche. You can either choose to buy from them or not!

  9. none says:

    You can argue yr “studies” until blue in the face. its one thing to post an obscure record than people can’t just go out and buy on vinyl, cd, etc. Its another thing to post an entire record that just came out in a reissue that someone put a lot of money and time into doing, without asking permission. Its not like discourage is hard to find. Was it really too much to take 10 seconds to send an email asking for their blessing before assuming you were “doing them a service” by freely offering up something they just released and are trying to sell and in its entirety instead of posting a sample track that would have maybe done more of a service enticing people to buy the record if they want to hear more?

    As for their high priced records. I don’t think they are paying 2 or 3 bucks for these rare vinyls and then jacking the price up 2000 percent. I’m sure they probably paid more than a fair sum for that stuff,and then of course have to mark it up to make some money as they are a business. I mean look how much this stuff sells for on ebay these days, its insane.

    If it was my label you posted a full record up without asking for my blessing, you can be damn sure I’d be pissed off about it contrary to the “favor” you think you may be doing by “promoting” my record by giving the thing away in full for free.

  10. malfeitor says:

    So I’ve read that the reissue of 2/2/79 doesn’t include the intro due to copyright type stuff. Having never heard the original- what has been deleted in the reissue?? I don’t even have record stores by me that would carry this record, so I guess its time for mailorder (which is sometimes really hard to track down- any suggestions on the best place to order from in the states?).

  11. paul anson says:

    thought I had better throw my two cents in on this issue. I personally download a lot of material from a variety of sources out there in innernet land. I am overjoyed that I can get copies of records like this one without having to go through the whole toast rip from vinyl myself. I will seek out original copies of vinyl of things that I really like and want in a less ephemeral format than mp3. this way i’m not set up to be disappointed buying something on heresay and hype alone. we did put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this reissue. it is essentially a labor of love though. when letting these go wholesale we’re making less than a dollar per copy. we’ve wanted to do this release for about 8 years. constant setbacks and other interested parties multiplied our total cost on this thing to nearly double any previous release we’ve done. that said…this free download isn’t going to effect our profit margin in the least. it’s going to positively advertise our release and get the vinyl junkies a reason to seek it out. the booklet and hand done extras are well worth the slightly over the top retail price. order directly from us if you want black vinyl copies. we’re sold out of the special edition. email discourage at discouragerecords dot com. you can hear the edited intro to 2/2/79 at w w w dot
    our policy is to pay 50 percent cash in advance for the rare records we sell through our mailorder and at our shop. we’ll give a higher percentage for bigger records (say $200 and up). sure, we’ve been lucky in the past getting quanitity of killed by death type records for a “steal” but we don’t misrepresent ourselves in doing so. you’d be surprised at the generosity of some of these old timers. we’ve dropped the value of several kbd biggies because we’ve turned up quanitity, making them more available for all. I’m not trying to toot my horn here..I just want people to understand that we’re running an honest business and will always be up front about buying/selling from folks. also for the record i’d like it to be known that we make somewhere around minimum wage if we break down our monthly income by hours logged. occasionaly we’ll have a good month and get a bonus, but we’re not getting rich off of you guys. we’re just happy not having to answer to anyone (boss) and have time off when we need it. any hate mail can be sent to discourage at discourage records dot com

  12. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks alot Paul for the nice input! Downloads will go up again since you seem to reason like I did about this beeing a good plug for geeks to buy the record.

  13. dave says:

    Love it. But I’d really save the full d/l’s for the unavailables. No big fuss, just my take. Let’s be nice. :)

  14. Joe says:

    the drummer Jane wrote “Let’s get Tammy Wynette”, and went on to play for San Francisco’s first all girl punk Band V.S., the original Ramonas, Polkacide for 3 years, and The Hellnations, featuring D.H. Pelegro of the Dead Kennedys on guitar, and also Bruno from Flipper & Bad Posture on second guitar. Drummer for the cosmetics (79-80) who recorded the infamous “Twinkie Madness” about the Dan White murders. And don’t forget most recently Drumming with the GRABBIES.

  15. insane jane weems says:

    hello! this is “insane jane” weems, drummer/songwriter for the maggots…i just wanna say thanks to everyone who loves the maggots record!…those guys at discourage are awesome!!
    paul & abe ROCK!! i’m glad they got this punk classic out on vynil again, at an affordable price, for everybody…that’s a cool thing!…they even wrote special hidden messages in the mother disc, for people to discover at the end of each side of the disc!! quick!! go grab your record, & hold it up under a good light to find it!!
    any maggots trivia questions i will be able to answer for you at:

  16. Poz says:


  17. kyle macabre says:

    hey does anyone know where I can download the MP3 of 2 2 79

  18. Cunt says:

    Hur hur hur……….

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