Pin Point – Richmond 7″


One of the most underrated bands here. Maybe cause this their first 7inch is the only one who look somewhat punk. Their LP is fantastic but you can’t tell that from the cover.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Albion
Format: 7″
Love Substitute.mp3

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  1. James says:

    I’ve got one of their other singles “Yo-Yo”, but this one’s way better, cheers Peter.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    This is their best 7inch but I love the other stuff too. A sound totaly of their own. If you haven’t heard their LP you have to pick it up. Lot’s of great tracks on that one!

  3. steve says:

    Easily my favourite Pinpoint track. Nice one Peter.

  4. tim says:

    Please teach lyrics of RICHMOND.
    I want to play in the band.


    arturo was a talentless little twat – who was late on the punk game anyway

    i did my very best to make em sound good

    but he was as co operative as a polecat in a bag.

    history must judge wether he or i new best

    interesting to note i found a bit of success as a producer

    he now breeds cart horses i understand

    maybe i am an horrible cunt to idiots like him

    martin rushent

    • Fraserburgh punk says:

      That talentless twat still fronts the Lurkers and still plays with should check out the Lurkers Fried Brains lp,not a bad little bit o wax mate,and still contributes massive to 999,Death in Soho,another latest classic.Arthurs written some great stuff and has released some tasty albums with the Lurkers.100% as always on the gig front as well,keepin it goin mate.
      Martin,go piss in the wind mate,you are the weakest link,piss aff !!!

  6. hugues says:

    anyone knows the name of their lp ?

  7. Yepp, Third State. Get it! It’s great!

  8. mudcrow says:

    I think history is on Arturo’s side

    • Kate Dale says:

      Haha what? Hilarious. I go and do the school run and one piece of information transverses through the ears into to a completely different twist of fact in about erm 10 seconds.

  9. Hi Martin Rushent how you doing. I saw Pinpoint play loads of times and they were great. You ruined their album with your self centred ego. By the way i met you once when you were producing 999 album Seperates. You were a horrible Cunt then and you probably still are. See ya Martin

  10. arturo says:

    just found this site .
    thanks for all the positive remarks re the pinpoint stuff
    except obviously the shit from martin rushent .
    if you wanna read more about the making of the 3rd state album you could buy my book which is an autobiog
    its avaiable for £8 inc postage and packing
    email me if you want a copy
    i actually quite like the 3rd state album now but richmond the 1st single was true to how we sounded and produced by the late great vic maile , maker of motorhead and tom robinsons best records . and the man who should have produced third state but didnt because rushent and albion bosses where all business partners scratching each others backs.

    arturo ( arthur)

  11. Jack London says:

    Just found this site also! … Pinpoint were THE first punk band I ever saw live, on account of them supporting the Members at Guildford Civic Hall when I about 14 or so, back in the day …

    Got so excited that me and a mate both bought the Richmond single from the merch stall afterwards and blagged our way backstage to get the sleeve signed by all three band members (ah bless!)

    Alas, I don’t have the copy now as I sold most of my punk records to buy a pair of loafers or summat when we all turned into complete w**kers in the 80’s, but I’ve managed to get virtually everything back on vinyl since then … except this little gem …

    Wonder where it’s been hiding out all these years ..? … I keep checking E-bay .. you never know ..?

    Fanx for the memories
    Jack London

  12. Bjorn says:

    Hmpfm fuck. I remember this guy (arturo) just comin´over to a very fucked up squat up in stoke newington, spreading multiple singles, inviting people hangin around for the next gig and beeing very nice. back in ´79. calling him a talentless twat is, hm, hating yourself.

  13. dave allen says:

    I think you should take down that silly quote from Arturo,or Arthur.
    If he didn’t like what was being recorded then he should have been man enough to call time on it.
    As usual he blamed it on everybody else.
    Martin Rushent is dead and can anyone deny that a human being with a track record that includes T.Rex,Alex Harvey,Generation X,The Stranglers,The Buzzcocks,Dr Feelgood,Altered Images,The Human League,The Members,Sting,The Gogos to name a big handful is not worthy of a bit of respect?
    Martin rehearsed with us for 2 weeks before we started recording.
    We did all of Arturos songs, finished and mixed.
    The record company picked the tracks.
    The album cover was shit but we all agreed it.
    I was there for all of it.
    All art movements have their day.
    Punk is not a different kind of blues, it is a claim for a right to do and be heard.
    Electronic music is more punk than playing 3 chords very fast and shouting in a pig voice.
    For 40 years.
    This particular single was produced and engineered by Vic Maile who produced Live at Leeds by The Who and Ace of Spades by Motorhead.I am proud to have worked with him too although his “quirk” was to put wood slaps at crucial points in the song (producers huh !).
    We did an abortive session with Vic Coppersmith-Heaven in Sarm East, where he told us that the rhythm section was shit.
    Huw and I spent 6 weeks at my flat learning to play and be tight (oh, and killing my next door neighbour with the noise of our “beats” in the process, allegedly).
    Not writing a silly book about what a twat he was.
    We did demos with Pat Collier, who I also think is a fucking genius and maybe if We had been good enough at singing and playing they could/would have been released.
    Before Huw joined we had a drummer Paul Tinman who played a harmonium for one song.
    That was lovely playing to a Lurkers audience where the entire experience consisted being spat at and having things thrown at us,how very open minded punk was.
    We supported 999 at Wolverhampton with 300 NF skinheads heil-fiving us,how very open-minded punk was.
    And another thing.
    Our first session ever was with Martin Rushent and that was abortive although he never said why because that wasn’t the way he did things, he didn’t want to put people down.
    He wasn’t perfect but he got his artists to places that many others couldn’t because he had the bottle and talent to go into the new.
    Personally,nowadays, I just hope that Arthurs hip replacement has settled in O.K.
    Thanks to you all for even being that bothered about something that long ago and so meaningless in the great scheme of things.
    Dave M Allen
    (Just the Bass Player)

  14. Kate Dale says:

    How silly and how History rewrites itself it’s like reading the bible backwards or the Daily Mail. Well having made a record, hope the record has been set straight. Stick a new one on.

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