Psycho – 8 Song E.P. 12″

psycho.jpgIf you’ve heard later stuff from Psycho you won’t believe this is the same band. After this they got a new drummer(the owner of Axction Records if I remember it right?) and god knows what happened but they became so incredible bad. This on the other hand is a total HC classic from 1983 and the first release of the famous Axction Records label that released many not so good records and tapes.


Psycho was, and sometimes still is, a Boston-based punk band. The original lineup (Mick Keddy, Johnny X, Bill Normal, Denny Disorder) was formed in 1981 and stayed together for several years. Guitarist Johnny X is the only member to be in every lineup. Idol Threats, his previous band, got quite a bit of college radio airplay with their tape “Dance” in 1980.


Kids are for trix, kids are for trix. Don’t tell me that it’s shameful ’cause their homelife was a bitch. Oh yeah!


Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Axction Records
Format: 12″
Dark Side Of The Human Mind.mp3
Elimination Process.mp3
Kids Are For Tricks.mp3
National Clock Society.mp3

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  1. Jordan Kratz says:

    I used to hang out with Psycho and knew them for years.Yes this is a great example of what was happening in Punk should check it out.
    And charlie Infection (Axction) did join on drums afterwards but they did not suck afterwards as stated.
    I personally like the older Psycho stuff but that is because they became more and more into the Metal scene so if you liked Punk with Metal or Speed Metal then you will still love Psycho’s later stuff.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hi Jordan!
    It’s all a matter of taste. For me they just became too generic and too sloppy(which I love in case it’s done the Panic or Vast Majority way).

    And excuse me for the double post since I now saw that Strange Reaction posted this in December 2005:
    but as I listened to it I heard that the sound of those mp3s is far from the sound posted here. The SR post must come from some remixed reissue?

  3. scott says:

    Have to say before hearing this record and reading your description of it my initial reaction was to ignore this posting, I probably wouldn’t have dug this record out of a skip. Having heard it tho’ this is a catchy and original sounding punk rock record which just got added to the wants list….

  4. cyclops sam says:

    my baby’s got p.m.s.


  5. Dave says:

    the “Welcome To Ax/Ction Island” compilation is fucking great. especially the 1 psycho track.

  6. Martin says:

    Psycho es una banda como ninguna su trabajo con gg allin es uno de los mejores me gusta de siempre este grupo un saludo para la mejor banda de punk-underground

  7. dead beat washed up dad says:

    sad radz

  8. fernando says:

    Great 12″, specially “Kids”. “Psycho”, the track that gives the band its name, is of course a cover version of the punkiest of socalled 60s punk bands, i.e. The Sonics! (“The witch” sounds like 4Skins, haha, only 15 years earlier, and their “Louie Louie” is no less punk than Black Flag’s…)

  9. gaby says:

    I like their song WELCOME TO AX/CTION ISLAND 7. What happened to them is common to bands.

  10. elliott says:

    i actually like the harder psycho better. thanks though. this rocks! but the best thing this band did is the thing they did with gg allin.

  11. Guy says:

    They were still OK with the new drummer but went downhill after Bill Normal left. I think he wrote Kids Are For Trix and the less thrash stuff.

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