Raw Deal! Comp. LP 12″

rawdeal.jpgThe first and classic compilation released by Lee Woods RAW Records. Contrary to what you might believe there aren’t too many great tracks on it. You get the top of the cream and if you crawe it all then check out Damage Goods Records reissue of this.


Check out a very interesting interview with Lee over at punk77.co.uk: “I loved to help bands, so just about every Sunday I had a band in Spaceward studio. When it became clear we couldn’t release them all I had the idea for the Raw Deal album.“. Best track: Psycho’s Soul Train.


From the back of the sleeve: “Dedicated to all small labels, who are in it for the fun and glory-not just for the money.”.


Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: RAW
Format: 12″
The Users – I’m In Love With Today(check The Users post!)
Acme Sewage Co – I Don’t Need You
The G.T.’s – Millionaire.mp3
The Bloodclots(The Users orig. name) – Louie Louie
Sick Things – Bondage Boy.mp3
Psycho’s – Soul Train.mp3
Sick Things – Kids On The Street.mp3
The Killjoys – At Night.mp3
Psycho’s – Young British And White
Acme Sewage Co – I Can See You
The G.T.’s – Move On
Zhain – Get Ready

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19,170 Responses to Raw Deal! Comp. LP 12″

  1. dylan says:

    i love raw records. (i know. i say the same thing every time you post a raw record…) but honestly, it cant be said enough.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    he he you’re right about that Dylan ;).

  3. Jordan Kratz says:

    i’ve got this vinyl and i still love to give it a spin

  4. NAMELESS says:


  5. winne says:

    I used to own this back in the 70´s – makes me feel real old to listen to it again….

  6. skin_82 says:

    I remember I somehow got a hold of a copy of this through a mate and loved it. The best track I think is Young British and White by the Phycos. Great track.

  7. LondonBoy says:

    Fun that they take the piss out of the nazi skins.

  8. username says:

    where can I find the Killjoys 7″ on digi?

  9. david jeffery says:

    Wow. I designed the logo and all the record sleeves for Raw back in the 70’s. Believe I still have the Artworks in a dusty portfolio somewhere. Is Lee Wood still around? Good to see folks are still interested in the label.

  10. Cunt says:

    Could have included Acme Sewage Co if the track was Too Much Hate. That track rocks!

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