Starshooter – Pin Up Blonde 7″

starshooter.jpgThey where from France. They played punk. One of their 7inches went number 1 on the French top chart. They probably ate frogs and visited the Eiffel Tower.






Country: France
Year: 1977
Label: Pathé/EMI
Format: 7″
Pin Up Blonde.mp3
Quelle crise baby.mp3

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  1. Collin says:

    Thanks! Been curious about this band and the Guilty Razors for awhile now. Some French friends of mine constantly run both groups down, dunno why. Maybe there’s not enough room in their graying Metal Urbain world.

  2. English Paul says:

    “Quelle Crise Betsy” was covered by the awesome NO-TALENTS in 1998 (on Empty records). The sleeve for the Starshooter 7″ is copied also, picturing the band hot footing it through a supermarket.

  3. cat dirt says:

    i bought a sharpshooter 7″ from a friend of my wife’s uncle in nancy france. color vinyl, i think… they rock… it was from 77/78, i think…

  4. Raul says:

    yeah, that no-talents 7″ is really good. they covered also a song from the first starshooter LP also.
    i really like those two bands.

  5. frenchy solo says:

    Starshooter was pretty good..even though they turned sappy after a while.”Betsy Party” was the one that went to #1 i think,unless it was “Machine a laver”..i forgot.They came around the same time Plastic Bertrand did.

  6. noemi_gymslip says:

    Oh Starshooter is so authentic! I love the sound and pretty much the overall beat of the music!
    J’taime for posting it!

  7. Larz Gustafsson says:

    Brilliant record.
    I had the 7″ back in 1980.
    Other great French bands were Edith Nylon and Stinky Toys.

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