Master Tape Vol. II Comp. 2xLP 12″

mastertape_vol2_front.jpgOne of my favourite US HC compilations along with the first Master Tape volume. This is a massive download with loads of great bands. My picks: Malignant Growth, Idiot Savants, Sand In The Face, Sacred Order, No Labels, Front Line, Repellents, Mecht Mensch, Zero Boys, Delinquents, Tar Babies, Wasted Talent, Anti-Bodies.


MRR: How did you find the bands on “The Master Tape Vol. II”?
PAUL: Inside Master Tape I there was a poster, and on one section of that poster was a paragraph that asked any interested bands to send a tape to us for consideration. Then I just took what I felt to be the best stuff. One thing I would like to point out is that these compilations are nothing more than a chance for any band that wouldn’t normally have a chance to be on record. It’s not really limited to hardcore. I’m sure a lot of people will wonder why some of the bands are on the second one. It’s because they are bands that have been working with very little reward for a long time, and they deserve the break more than anyone else.
“. Enjoy this classic!


Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Affirmation
Format: 2×12″
LP One Side 1
Violent Apathy – Society Rules.mp3
Violent Apathy – Desperation Takes Hold.mp3
Violent Apathy – Ignorance Is Bliss.mp3
Malignant Growth – Hopeless.mp3
Malignant Growth – Killing Time.mp3
Malignant Growth – Tired Of Llife.mp3
Idiot Savants – Try And Get Out.mp3
Idiot Savants – School’s Prison.mp3
Sand In The Face –Teenage Life.mp3
Sand In The Face – I Wanna Be Dead.mp3
Poison Center – Pencil Pusher.mp3
Poison Center – Typical Chick.mp3
Sacred Order – Hate Them Okay.mp3
Sacred Order – I Just Do.mp3

LP One Side 2
No Labels – Tortured Thought.mp3
No Labels – Society’s Problem.mp3
Front Line – D.W.I.mp3
Front Line – Front Line.mp3
End Result – Slash
End Result – Children Die In Pain
Repellents – Lash Out.mp3
Repellents – New Image.mp3
Repellents – My Motel.mp3
Killing Children – Happy Mutants.mp3
Killing Children – Certain Death.mp3

LP Two Side 1
The Fetish – Surf Bandits
The Fetish – Before Not After
Mecht Mensch – Killer Klowns.mp3
Mecht Mensch – What D’ya Feel.mp3
Gynecologists – Infant Doe
Zero Boys – Black Network News.mp3
Zero Boys – I Need Energy.mp3

LP Two Side 2
Delinquents – Blind Patriot.mp3
Delinquents – Under Age.mp3
Delinquents – Death From Above.mp3
Tar Babies – The Ocean.mp3
Tar Babies – Triplets.mp3
Wasted Talent – Junta Man.mp3
Wasted Talent – Not Anymore.mp3
Wasted Talent – Off To War.mp3
Anti-Bodies – Gun Control.mp3
Anti-Bodies – After Life.mp3
Anti-Bodies – Seeds Of Destruction.mp3

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  1. steve says:

    pretty decent good to crap ratio on this, led by the great VA – oddly, only the zero boys went on to attain much national attention. couple others onhere may have deserved it as well, including VA and Delinquents. Nice to see this available enjoy. thanks.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    VA is one of the worst band on here in my opinion. But that nothing happened to great acts like: Sacred Order, No Labels, Front Line, Malignant Growth, Idiot Savants(the winner) and the Anti-Bodies is a mystery to me. But none of the bands on here beats The Slammies from volume one. The Slammies 3 tracks on there deserves to be re-released as a 7inch so I can sell my copy of Master Tape Vol. 1.

  3. timmy says:

    thanks for posting this. i owe you.

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Timmy, just donate away and we’re even ;).

    • Sissy Zweetsok says:

      Dude, with all respect, I never understand why you bloggies are so keen on getting money from us peasants for the X00 or so bucks you pay for hosting. Consider it a hobby. You just post a bunch of music you don’t own the rights too, and don’t give me that line about unearthing bands from obscurity, freedom of information or cultural vanguardism and bla. It seems mostly a vanity project, which is fine by me. You are paid by the towering shadow you cast among your faceless collector nerd peers, and I include myself in that.

      • The Flakes // Drummer says:

        It cost me $30.00 a month to host the site and it’s a hobby. If you feel like sponsor my hobby, which gives you something in return right(just like bands who release records) then do it. If not then don’t. You can always click the ads to sponsor the site.

        Don’t get this:”You are paid by the towering shadow you cast among your faceless collector nerd peers, and I include myself in that.”??

  5. timmy says:

    let me know where i can donate and if i can paypal.

  6. dr. drambuie says:

    Viloent Apathy rules this comp! Still, there’s a few other killer kutz!! Own the vinyl but nice to have it on the ‘puter! Thanks for posting this!

  7. Joe.Stumble says:

    UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE. Being a midwestern punker from waybackwhen, I have ALWAYS wanted to hear this!!!!!! Thanks man. This thing is hard to find…of course, I would love to get the tracks you left off!

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    The tracks that’s left off I haven’t even ripped for myself. Maybe we can do some sort of trade Joe?

  9. HaizmanBrain says:

    Did any of the Anti-Bodies go on to be in Life Sentence? The song Gun Control is re-made or covered on the No Experience Necessary LP.

    Any Mid-West vets out there know the skinny?

    GREAT Post!

  10. palebluestar says:

    Malignant Growth were from Louisville Kentucky and recorded by Paul Mahern in Indy. Members of MFG went on to form Fading Out, Kinghorse and later Kentucky Chrome. Absolutely Bad Ass! This and Volume 1. are the holy grails of mid-western 80’s Punk and Hardcore LP compilations!

  11. palebluestar says:

    Here’s some live footage of Fading Out (ex- Malignant Growth) doing “Killing Time” from Aug. 1987

  12. Charlie M says:

    Never really rated this LP much when I bought it. I appreciate it much more now.
    It’s interesting to see the different takes on ‘fave track’. No-one mentions the flat out killer track for me here – Mecht Menschs “Killer Klowns”. It’s on my all-time HC classics C90 comp!
    Now Peter….do you have the booklet/zine thing that came with it? Some bastard stole mine………..I’m not suggesting it’s you Peter, but I’d love to have a decent scan!!!!!!

  13. username says:

    I always loved those two Poison Center tracks… sure they are sloppy but they are clever and snotty brat punk crap like I dig.

    • James says:

      @username – I also love the Poison Center tracks, totally scrappy though they are… I know they had a few tracks on one of the BCT tape comps. (Have it somewhere – poor quality live stuff from what I remember). Anyone know if any more of their stuff appeared anywhere else (or has surfaced since)…??

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    It was me who took it Charlie! I´ve been thinking about doing a repost and scan the booklet. It will take sometime, sorry.

  15. b e h j a n says:

    MALIGNANT GROWTH featured on this 2nd installment on Paul ZB´s label,
    (who of course made the whole thing and the volme 1 one year earlier),
    belonged to the first wave of Louisville, Kentucky Punk and HardCore bands.
    These good songs were from a few years later ,but I imagine their early stuff ,was on the more Punk-side of things ,weren´t they ?!
    -and thye also begun around 1979 to 1985 or so (courtesy of one very good Louisville / KY website !)

    Punk-site chroncling the on-goings back then thre – RECOMMENDED !)
    In the early 1990´s a german Lable (name escapes me, right now) wanted to do an offivial re-pressing of BOTH Paul Z.´s compilation LP´s.
    GREAT album-almost like the first installment,with this here (due to it´s
    massive line-up / playlist…) …has / had the inevitable fillers,BUT still they
    are the minority here IMO, which speaks for it…!!!)
    Any U.S. label thinking of doing a legal 3-set CD Box (3x LP unlikely..)
    of “MASTER TAPE volume 1. LP and volume 2 and 3 ones ??!! Would be a Winner (or we leave coments at JELLO´s
    ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES Rec´s…to think about these ones …!)
    b e h j a n

  16. b e h j a n says:

    Forgot, they musta have a MySpace-Site by now MALGNOUS GROWTH)

    Peter,how about covering with your band the song “I Want More” by MORGAN? Damn cool one and very very short and you have it in your collection,haven´t you…?!
    (300 pressed in fact of the TALETS-MELODI 80 single and is that song similar to his “WM” one :-) )
    b e h j a n

  17. James says:

    I’m curious – were the End Result & The Fetish tracks not posted since they are not really “punk” (The Fetish definitely isn’t punk!), did the links to those tracks expire, or did you simply not wish to post the whole double album in case of a repress? I still have the original double LP & booklet & the Gravelvoice flyer for the Killing Children 7″ that came with it (the flyer came with it, that is, not the 7″). Would love to get digital copies of the missing tracks is you ever post/repost them. Thanks…

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    It has nothing to do with them not being punk enough. My view on what’s punk and not is very broad. End Result is punk or industrial music if you want. I didn’t post them cause I didn’t like them. The policy we had at first was to not post tracks that we didn’t like. That has changed now since there’s so many people who wants the whole thing and I do understand that. Maybe this will be reposted one day in case a reissue doesn’t show up.

  19. Krille says:

    I would love a complete posting (and a nicer cover would be all sorts of snazzy)! Any chance you guys might take pity and do a Danish punk a favor?

  20. anna mosity says:

    This is pretty cool ~ but if you wanna hear Front Line @ their best (w/ Andre Ceniceros doing vox), check out the filthypit website… its not the greatest quality but is very entertaining none-the-less (and can be equalized)

  21. i want to buy this album how can i do it send me an e-mail please

  22. Stoneage Pounder says:

    Thanks so much for posting this (6 years ago!). I played drums on the Idiot Savants tracks and it’s quite literally been a decades since I’ve heard them. Made my day.

  23. chris_c says:

    thank you for this and everything else posted here – have somehow missed both volumes of this.

  24. chris_c says:

    thanks as ever!

  25. Bax Turbine says:

    I emailed Paul Mahern years ago about doing a CD reissue of these comps. He replied and told me that it would likely never happen as he sent all the master tapes back to the bands after the albums were pressed. So I say sadly, don’t hold your breath on that subject. It really would be super deluxe if you ever got the hankering to post the deleted tracks here. Even without those tracks this is one hell of a great posting. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Liam MacSheoinin says:

    I truly enjoyed this. I felt like I was back in CBGB. Wasted Talent was really sphymodically inspiring.

  27. KayZee says:

    I was looking through old albums, and I actually have this album, anyone interested in buying it, contact me. Its in really good condition, its been in a closet since 1983.

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