Das Schnitz – 4 A.M. E.P. 7″

dasschnitz.jpgA couple of months ago Nadi Jahangiri guitarist of Das Schnitz sold off a copule of stock copys of this legendary 7inch. He was kind enough to sign it for me. Geek? Me? 533 copys and nearly all with sleeves from other bands releases that they wrote their name and titles on: Das Schnitz sleeves. On the Ellie Jay label that have got some great releases to be proud of.


From Detour Records about Das Schnitz:”It was recorded at the only studio in Torquay at the time, Swan Street studios on an 8-track machine. Rates were £8 per hour but we only had £12 so we were in and out within one and a half hours!!“.


Great amateurish Punk Rock from the UK.


Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Ellie Jay
Format: 7″
4 A.M.mp3
Getting Nowhere.mp3
My House.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Das Schnitz – 4 A.M. E.P. 7″

  1. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Record collectors are pretentious assholes.

  2. Gordon Rae says:

    Wow! The internet remembers Das Schnitz. I had to borrow Tim Dodge’s copy of this and make a minidisc of it.

  3. stu says:

    I was in the band and I only vaguely remember it!
    What,s a minidisc?Yeah and Tim Dodge has still got my mohair jumper. Doh!

  4. miner154 says:

    Such a great record, all 3 tracks deserve to be remembered.

    Dr Hook sleeve rulz!

  5. stu says:

    You like! You should hear the early stuff.

  6. Kevin says:

    Hey stu

    are there recordings of the early songs? Will you ever release them?

  7. stu says:

    It,s unlikely they are only ropey old live recordings on cassette. In mono and pretty poor. It,s not impossible that future recordings could be made as we had a bit of a get together in january, first time in 25 yrs. Whatch this space!

  8. sue says:

    Weirdly enough I still have the photos I took of Das Schnitz which were for the record sleeve, they couldn’t afford. God this brings back memories, now I remember what I did for my 18th birthday, the Lurkers at Torquay Town Hall.

  9. Stu says:

    Hi Sue, I,d really like to get copies of those photos if possible.Any costs gladly covered. Leave a post and i,ll give you my address etc.
    Best wishes, Stu Gordon.

  10. sue hyne says:

    Hi Stu, its been a long time! I’m new to this so how do we get in contact?
    Regards Sue

  11. sue says:

    Stu, I’ve just looked at the artwork, and you are not on it, it must have been done for something else in 79?, but I do have a pic of you at QNX first gig in march 79, plus a pic of you at exeter.

    • Brad says:

      Hi Sue

      If you have the artwork then the label I work with would like to use it for a reissue of the single.. please confirm

  12. Stu says:

    Hi Sue,
    Sorry my memory after all these years in rock n Roll isnot what it should be! what was your surname in those days? Best idea ,if you drop a line to me at 17 Hastings way, Billingham, Cleveland TS23 3EB with your contact details I,ll get in touch. QNX? (don,t forget the ?) wow that,s a blast from the past!
    Take Care, Stu.

  13. Stu says:

    Flakes – Drummer thinks people that collect records are pretencious arseholes! Ha! that,s rich coming from a guy in a band with an EP out. Anyone who was mug enough to buy a copy should send it back and demand their money back.
    Stu (Das Schitz).ps Anybody who has a copy of 4am is a wonderful person.

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Eh what??

  15. Stu says:

    Anything he bloody well wants too.If anyone says otherwise they,re cruising for a damn good thrashing! The world can go fuck itself! Ha, there I said it!

  16. Amanda (Skeff) says:

    I the unlikely event any member of the band reads this, if there is any form of reunion for a laugh, I would be one slightly fatter forty something who would turn up! I sold my single (in Chic sleeve) last year, gutted now but was penniless at the time. Almost crying about it now!

  17. Brad says:

    Stu – if you fancy doing a reunion gig at a punk festival in 2009, I can make it happen. What’s your email addy?

  18. George Dodge says:

    Did you know ???? that Tim Dodge he is class and o yeh i forgot to mention he is my dad !!

  19. Stu says:

    Das Schnitz reunion gig at the 12 bar club London 25th July 2009…….
    Be there or be somewhere else! original line up for one night only etc. etc.

  20. Kevin Perry / Schnitz Drummer says:

    Hi Sue. How you doing? God, it’s only taken me 2 years to notice your comments about the photos. Well, 30 years since they were taken!!! I remember the pictures on the sea-front and at the Rolls Royce show rooms (no slummin’ for the Schnitz!). Like Stu (although it was Tony playing bass in the band at that point. Stu had defected to QNX? – but he’s back now) I would love to get hold of copies if it is possible. I’m happy to cover any cost involved. Are you coming to the Schnitz gig at the 12 Bar Club in London on 25th July? Hope you can make it. Rehearsals going really well, so expect a stormin’ gig.

  21. Steve says:

    I’be been listening to nothing but Dylan and Schnitz for years. Can’t wait for the Schnitz gig. For me it’s more than just nostalgia… I think the Schnitz (and Dylan) are as relevant today as they’ve ever been. See you there. Steve.

  22. Martin says:

    This is such a great record, and I don’t know why I never wrote a comment when it was posted. And the band’s sleeve scan was a true piece of art!

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