Los Nuns – The Beat 7″

nuns_mediacontrol.jpgThe Nuns disguised as Los Nuns. Dunno why they changed their name to Los Nuns and then back again to The Nuns in time for their LP. Jennifer Miro is not in the band on this record:”You may be surprised to learn that the Nuns’ Mistress Jennifer is a descendant of Welsh royalty. Her ancestors lived in Whitney Castle…“. And for you’ve that been dying to see Jennifers tits here’s something for you: Nuns Gallery.


The Nuns have some great songs and some not so great songs. For example the title track is boring boring boirng. But the flip Media Control is good good good. The Nuns second 7inch it is.


Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Rosco
Format: 7″
The Beat
Media Control.mp3

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wait there, isn’t Whitney Castle in England? And didn’t Welsh armies burn the fucker down and kill everyone? Exactly what Welsh royalty lived there?? Look, we’ve got Tom Jones, Aled Jones and Catherine Zeta-Jones (and even Vinnie Jones was ‘Welsh’ for a week), so who’s this Mistress Jennifer imposter? I see no ‘Jones’ in her name.

  2. Jennifer is of Swedish stock most probably with a birthname of Anders(s)on. The Miro name was a teenage put on and the Welsh royalty connection is a desperate middle aged ploy from her.

    I had absolutely forgotten about this single. It does date from 1979 but it was obscure even then!
    I remember Jeff Olener saying something like “This friend of ours in NY released a single but Forgeddaboutit!”

    I imagine “The Beat” is the same song as “Walkin’ The Beat”, a Jeff Olener rap/”beat” number.

    Both of these were re-recorded in 1980. Peter would you care to compare the different recordings?

  3. Patrick Clement says:

    I have come across a VERY rare version of this record.

    Having contacted Robbie(Posh Boy) and found this page, it has answered some of my questions, but maybe someone has some answers.

    I came across a mispress in a dollar bin. When I played it I recognized “Media COntrol” on one side, even though the label lists a Disco Band.

    Side A
    “Media Control” same cut as this single.
    Label on Both sides are for “9th Generation”
    Side A lists the song “Let’s Dance”
    Numbers listed on run out groove:
    – SS-7901-A
    – MCR-JA
    – S-7734
    Also has “Gol.” in small scribe.

    Side B
    “Shucks Your Fine” by 9th Generation.
    Numbers listed on run out grooves.
    – 7901-B
    – S8016
    Also has “Gol.” in small scribe.

    The Label has this information:
    Record Label: Hilltak Records
    1022 No.Palm Ave, Los Angeles, CA
    Copyright 1979
    Artist: 9th Creation
    Catalog Numbers:
    PW 7901
    HT 1101

    If anyone has any information about this Mispess I’d love to hear about it!

  4. Tim S. says:

    Would you be so kind and add THE BEAT as well?
    As I prefer this version of M. Control to the album; Id love to hear the other one as well!!

  5. peter choyce says:

    I have MEDIA CONTROL single- b/w cover but a different, as i recall NON LP song on the A side. I’ll go find it if i HAVE to so i can show you.

  6. Nathan G says:

    If I saw this in the bins I would mistake it for a rap?hip-hop record.

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