K Tonics – Calgary Girls 7″

ktonics_cover.jpgReally great punk rock songs have one thing in common with great dicks: they’re short. Like this cover of Zappas Calgary Girls that clocks in on 1:32.


Totaly obscure 7inch by Canadas K Tonics that won a contest that was held by a radio staion in Edmonton/Canada named K-97. The prize was to appear on this split togheter with The Crash who do a loosy cover of an allready loosy song: Should I Stay Or Should I Go. Is this their only release?


Country: Canada
Year: 1982
Label: ROK
Format: 7″
The Crash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go
K Tonics – Calgary Girls.mp3

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  1. mr2mike says:

    HAHA, I’m from Calgary and this is the funniest shit. Its totally 80s in Alberta! Nice find!

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Totally 80’s in Alberta? How come? Lots of radio show contests?

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