NRG – Kulturel forvaltning 7″

nrg.jpgRecorded in April 1983 but not released until 1984. This is a mandatory download for all! Two great tracks with one of the finest danish punk rock you’ll ever hear. Kulturel forvaltning is fast raw and cathy. Sort is slower but catchy as hell.


What I like most about NRG is Kim Ingemanns INCREDIBLE voice. Super melodic! Ahhh and I love the danish language. They released an LP in 1986 which I haven’t heard.


Country: Denmark
Year: 1984
Label: HUB/Arne
Format: 7″
Kulturel forvaltning.mp3

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  1. Hilde says:

    You are right, this is great stuff!

    Best danish punk-songs I´ve ever heard, even better than SODS or LOST KIDS, incredible!

  2. Willy says:

    I like the schitzo keyboard breakdown in the middle of the first soneg. Combined with the awesome 4/4 drum beat, you’ve got some tasty punk rock.

  3. 1-2-3 says:

    i have a copy of the NRG 12´´ up for trade/sell if anyone is interested…..shameless self promotion yeah!

  4. timmythepunk says:

    Very tight buzzsaw guitar and ya right nice vocal we like this very much, this is sweet as

  5. Karsten says:

    You should also take note of the lyrics of “Kulturel Forvaltning”.
    Kulturel Forvaltning is the name of the culture administration branch of Danish municipal authorities, but apart from this idiomatic use of the term, literally, it actually means “culture administration”.
    Anyway, NRG had applied for a rehearsal room and received this letter from Kulturel Forvaltning:
    “You have registered as contact person of a band who is in need of a rehearsal room. We are working on your case and hope to be able to return with an offer very soon. If your need for a rehearsal room should cease, please inform us as quickly as possible. Sincerely yours…“
    Or, in Danish:
    “Du har meldt dig som kontaktperson for en gruppe, der har behov for at få et øvelokale. Vi arbejder på sagen og håber meget snart at kunne henvende os med et tilbud. Såfremt ønsket om et lokale ikke mere er aktuelt for jer, bedes I venligst så hurtigt som muligt sige til. Venlig hilsen…”
    And these are indeed the lyrics of the song! Written by Kulturel Forvaltning…

  6. Karsten says:

    And, just to establish a perhaps obvious point: The over and over repeated refrain “Vi arbejder med sagen” (“med”, not “pÃ¥”, my mistake) means “We are working on your case”, leaving no doubt about the effort and good will at Kulturel Forvaltning.
    Another minor correction: In the first line of the Danish lyrics it should read “til en gruppe”, not “for en gruppe”.

  7. Kimse says:

    DANM! I have searched for this tune for MANY years. I had a lousy copy on tape. THANK YOU for making this available!!!

  8. Rune says:

    Fuck yeah, just got this 7″ + their maxisingle for 20 bucks!

  9. martin says:

    Damn it, since a few months back I just can’t get Kulturel Forvaltning out of my head. I agree with Hilde who made the first comment on this record, THIS IS THE BEST DANISH PUNK RECORD, at least of the ones I’ve heard.
    It’s quite interesting that Denmark had such a small scene in the late 70s/ early 80s compared to the huge scene today where the bands try to recreate the sound of the first punk/ HC wave, and very often succeed as well.

    I haven’t seen this masterpiece for sale as far as I can remember, so is there anyone here who knows anything regarding how rare it is, value etc if I should find a copy at eBay or so? The 20 bucks Rune paid sounds really cheap in my opinion, considering the greatness of the record.

  10. Rune says:

    Well, iwe seen their 12″ maxisingle go for 67 dollars and iwe heard the 7″ goes for even more… but im not sure!

    But yes, i was VERY lucky!!!

  11. Ask says:

    dude, mah dad played bass in that band, he made a new band wich also plays punk, but now his singer and play guitare xP

  12. Ask says:

    NRG, spiller vist den 2 eller 3 juli i det nye ungdomshus

  13. jassi says:

    nrg is the fucking best mayn… !

  14. LOU says:

    Fantastic single. Got it way back for 5 DKkr. Unfortunately it went with the rest of the records!
    Long live the net, but it would be cool if you could just download the mp3! Any idea to whar NRG stands for?

  15. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Lou, the mp3s are right here for you to download. What´s the problem?

  16. Morten T says:

    Hi there – just found your site :)

    A little info on the 7″ and 12″: Both released in 500 copies on the independent label Hub Records. The 12″ has 5 songs and was released in 1986 including the powerful “Ung i arbejde”.

    NRG are still alive and kickin’ – played last night live at Rockmaskinen, Christiania, Cph. Great show, in my opinion NRG are the best and most intense danish band ever, they are so so tight it’s almost scary.

  17. Thomas says:

    It’s a long shot, but I’ll try: many years ago I heard a tune with NRG, and the refrain goes something like this:
    “Har du læst hvad de har skrevet i aviserne idag?
    Noget lort og noget dårlig smag fra en gammel sag
    De fylder os med løgn, med løgn
    Hvert eneste døgn”

    Incredible that I remember it +20 years later, but I guess it just stroke a cord in me.

    Can anyone share a link to this as an MP3? Please:-)

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