The Dils – 198 Seconds Of… 7″

dilsclass_front.jpgThe Dils where some pranksters who one time when entering a club in LA went up to Rodney Bingenheimer(well known DJ at them time and responsible for popularising and promoting punk in the States) and lit his hair on fire. Well done! Besides that they played one of the most memorable and catchy punk rock that ever came out of the US in the 70’s. Their Clash influence is most evident in Mr. Big. The only thing is that this is better then The Clash. Their second 7inch released by the legendary Dangerhouse.


Country: USA
Year: 1977
Label: Dangerhouse
Format: 7″
Class War.mp3
Mr. Big.mp3

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  1. The Shoe says:

    AAAHHHH YEAH!!! You guys know it’s all about LA! Dangerhouse rules, and so does this single!

  2. Niels says:

    I like their first one, “I Hate The Rich”, even better. The drumming on that one’s insane! The Kinman bros. later teamed up with ex-Nun Alejander Escovedo to form Rank and File; one of their songs was covered by the Everly Brothers!

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Have to agree with you Niels. And oh yeah the drumming on You’re Not Blank is amazing. Totally unique. Like Staffan Fagerberg the drummer of Swedens Kurt i Kuvos.

  4. Sheena says:

    Hi could anyone send me something from the Dils?I´m from Slovakia and there aren´t any people that know the Dils :( my ICQ number 328-797-615.Thanx

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Send you something?? You can buy re-issues of their material on eBay pretty cheap.

  6. Hej Peter !

    Tack ska du har for skriva pa min blog.

    Jag brukade bo i Sverige, ja visst, i perioden ’76 til ’77. Da jag har gjort mot California …

    Now to get back on track … this single and The Avengers “We Are The One” are my absolute favourite Dangerhouse releases. The Avengers musically is the cat’s meow, I even bought the original master tape and have it framed on my wall.

    “198 Seconds Of The Dils” is conceptually one of the greatest records ever released. I think you have to make a nod not just to The Clash but also Wire on this one. Unfortunately, musically and lyrically the band put themselves in a pigeon hole they spent the next 30 years trying to crawl out of.

    It was a special moment in time when they played The Masque in late 1977. They had fantastic stage presence and were so into “it”. They were one of the only Masque bands to have a manager, Peter Urban who later worked with Negative Trend.

    What if the Kinmans had moved to Huntington Beach instead of San Francisco?

  7. LHOOQtius says:

    Class War, along with I Hate The Rich (which was covered excellently by Japan’s The Registrators not too long ago), was the apex of The Dils. Too bad about the Kinmans’ later output, but Class War is still one of the best punk songs ever.

  8. Laszlo says:

    Better than Clash…??

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    The mp3s are still here but you might want all the scans?

  10. Jackson MacDonald says:

    what a fucking record! the D.O.A version of class war is no where near as good.

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