Black Market Baby – Crimes Of Passion 7″

blackmarketbaby_crimes.jpgCrimes Of Passion is the best songs Black Market Baby ever recorded in my opinion. And it’s a cover!! Well not exactly a cover but it was done when Boyd and Paul Cleary was in a band called The Snitch in 1979. Americas Youth is an original though and it’s ok but nothing more.


This is the infamous second 7inch that never happened and only some test pressings survived. From Collector Scum you can take a look at a test pressing. And from 30 Under DC you can read a story about it.


Black Market Babys where one of those bands that could cranck out some real killer tunes and the next time around they failed completly. This is a release from 2000 but I miss the insert. Anybody?


County: USA
Year: 1980
Label: 007
Format: 7″
Crimes Of Passion.mp3
Americas Youth.mp3

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  1. Erich says:

    Wow – really impressive song (crimes of passion)! Never heard it before nor learned that this was repressed. Excellent, truly excellent!

  2. Harry says:

    i have the insert, but no way of scanning it…i can dig it up if you want some info from it…

  3. CORPUS 77 says:



  4. Boyd Farrell says:

    I would hardly call BMB’s “Crimes of passion” a cover song…There was a primitive version that I wrote that sort of sounded like a rip off of an old Razz (70’s DC band) song, that I had tried to work out with the guitar player for Snitch(since I’m not a guitar player)…It took Keith Campbell’s joining the band and coming in and arranging everything properly, speeding up the tempo and adding his guitar parts to make it sound as good as it did…Personally, I was never that fond of the song..It’s a good pop song that I thought some of the other DC bands around at the time could have done better…I had hoped I could get someone else to record it and Keith and I could start writing some songs for other people..ANYWAY..In my opinion it’s Keith’s contributions that made the song.
    -Boyd Farrell (Black Market Baby)

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for the input Boyd! And it always amazes me that there’s still some humble band members around who care to give the right people credit :). Thanks to Ketih then for this incredible song!!

  6. Boyd Farrell says:

    Thanks Flakes drummer, I just like to get it right…This is the “Back to school” Flakes right?? That’s a great record…Maybe you guys can cover “Crimes” on your next record..Check out my current band that I have now with Mike Dolfi (He was also in Black Market Baby) called “Rustbuckit”…We are on myspace..Geezer punk rools!!!!

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Nope we’re Swedens The Flakes. We’re more about powerpop/punk then the american ones who’s garagepunk.

  8. Boyd Farrell says:

    Sorry man, my bad…That’s cool, then you guys can cover the song and get the megahit!!! ;-P

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha I wouldn’t mind at all :)!

  10. Renik says:

    Yet another classic, which reminds me that I need more Black Market Baby stuff in my record collection.

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