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Code Of Honor – What Are We Gonna Do? 7″

It’s US HC day today kids in case you haven’t realised that? I saw the trailer for the American Hardcore movie today and got just as inspired as I used to get when I was younger. I can still feel … Continue reading

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Rhythm Pigs – An American Activity E.P. 7″

Classic release from another underrated and awesome original US HC band. Their Chocke On This LP and this their first 7inch blows shit like Youth Of Today out of the water.   Rhythm Pigs don’t sound like a clone. They … Continue reading

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Pagans – Dead End America 7″

This was the firts american punk rock 7inch I bought. Just a couple of weeks before I got hold of Dead Kennedys-California Uber Alles in 1980. Hm, maybe it wasn’t the first. Now when I think about it might’ve been … Continue reading

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Special Forces – World Domination LP 12″

Here’s one of the most underrated HC records ever. Up there with classics like Zero Boys – Vicious Circle, FU’s -Kill For Christ/My America, Jerry’s Kids – Is This My World, Scream – Still Screaming yeah you get the picture. … Continue reading

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Gobblinz – London 7″

London is a punk/powerpop masterpiece while the flip Women In Love leans more to punk. Both tracks are of course awesome. Women In Love even reminds me a bit of The Stranglers(which happens to be one of my favourite bands). … Continue reading

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