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Tearjerkers – Murder Mystery 7″

Irealands The Tearjerkers sure knew how to craft some catchy and raw punk/powerpop. Their first 7inch Love Affair was released by Good Vibrations. Here’s their second release out of three.   “The band started in 1978 when Howard Ingram and … Continue reading

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Plastics – Top Secret Man 7″

Sing along with me: “Everybody’s talkin everbody’s walkin’ (Plans for everyone) Walkin’ in the rain talkin’ ’bout the pain (Talkin’ ’bout myslef) Uh-uh everbody knows Uh-uh toptoptoptop secret Net work news bangin’ in my ears (-“-) Tv in every room … Continue reading

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NRG – Kulturel forvaltning 7″

Recorded in April 1983 but not released until 1984. This is a mandatory download for all! Two great tracks with one of the finest danish punk rock you’ll ever hear. Kulturel forvaltning is fast raw and cathy. Sort is slower … Continue reading

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K Tonics – Calgary Girls 7″

Really great punk rock songs have one thing in common with great dicks: they’re short. Like this cover of Zappas Calgary Girls that clocks in on 1:32.   Totaly obscure 7inch by Canadas K Tonics that won a contest that … Continue reading

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The Favourites – The Single 7″

Isn’t it funny or sad how we or should I just say I, react sometimes. I’ve just watched the news and it’s all about the madness down in Lebanon and all I can think is that it’s a fucking shame. … Continue reading

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