Private Dicks – She Said Go 7″

privatedicks.jpgPrivate Dicks came out with a very distinctive sound on She Said Go wich is defenitly their own. Too bad the b-side is so incredible bad. Bad arty fartsy stuff. Arty stuff done the boring way. And since I don’t want to contribute to people developing bad taste or faling to sleep I won’t post it.


Private Dicks disintegrated within six months of being managed by Mark Dean, the man who discovered George Michael. Dean himself said later: ”The Dicks should have been bigger worldwide than Wham ever were”.


Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Heartbeat
Format: 7″
She Said Go.mp3
Private Dicks

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  1. Gavin King says:

    I myself am none too keen on the song. We did have another song for the B-side – ‘Bunnies’ – all about Jeremy Thorpe and his trial which was ongoing at the time. When he was found not guilty we had to come up with something quick. We actually used the words froma publicity promo we had put out and the ‘play’ was on our name and Bogart/Bacall (‘you know how to whistle don’t you?). Arty? God, if you knew us you’d know that was never the case. Boring? Yeah, I’ll give you that. However, fair to say that it really went do well live (and, in fact, is bass player Shugs’ favourite Dicks track – no accounting for taste). Be interested to know what you think of the tracks on our album. This is, in fact, being re-released on vinyl in Italy in time for our appearance in Rome Spring 2007.
    Gavin King Vocals Private Dicks

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hi Gavin! Nice to hear from you and thanks for some tasty info. I myself haven’t heard the LP but would love to hear it. Have to check out the re-issue when it’s released. Is it Rave Up that’s going to release it?

  3. Gavin King says:

    Hi Drummer,

    I’ll send you a copy if you like.

    Yeah, it’s Pier from Rave-Up. What a bloke.

    Hoping to go to Berlin as well to do some gigs with Kidnap.

  4. Gavin King says:


    are you the flakes from the land of the hives or Melvin A Frubacher’s lot?

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    If you want to send me a copy that would be higly appreciated. I’ll contact you via email.

    Yepp we’re from the land of The Hives. We’re actually about to get signed to the same label and at the same time as The Hives back in 1996. Oh well…

  6. Gav says:


    Will do. Just email me an address and i’ll pop it in the post. Be interested in your opinion.

    The Hives – love their look, their performance, and their singles. The first album however . . . great opening and closing track but . . . is it me? Still love to see their videos tho’.

  7. Martin Dumont says:


    Me and my mates always thought it was one of the best “power Pop” singles ever released. Am interested to hear there is an album.

  8. Gav says:


    Many thanks. If you want to email your thoughts you can get me on

    Oh, and Drummer, haven’t forgotten the album just been so busy with the Italian vinyl version of Homelife and gigging. Soon, my man, soon.

  9. chelle says:

    i totally feel what u guys are coming from

  10. Gavin says:

    Bloody hell – many many aplogies – still aint sent it. Send us the address again cos now i got some copies – new album going well, called ‘Exiles in Neverland’ and we have the myspace set up. Goin go ver to Bordeaux and Rome and hopefully Germany and barcalona.

    Again, sorry about the delay but this time they are wiating for you.
    ps there is video of us doing a version of ‘private dicks’ on our myspace site. Betcha can’t wait.

  11. juan galvez says:

    hey!!!some one can send me d whole album complete?please!

  12. juan galvez says:

    hey!!!some one can send me d whole album complete?please!

  13. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    ?? The CD is still available for sale so why not buy it?

  14. juan galvez says:

    ‘cuz i’m poor =(
    but i’ll be triying to get money for buy it!

  15. Winny says:

    Hi all,
    i thought i’d lett you know…the private dicks are doing a gig on friday 27th of february in London at the 12barclub. check them out if you can!

  16. Richard says:

    She said go, wow, this song make me listen to it so quiet, it has a unique sound……………I dont know, sounds sooooo old and good tasty. Cheers!

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