Some Chicken – New Religion 7″

somechicken.jpgHa ha ha Galway Kinnel the drummer of Some Chicken is hilariously bad. But bad in a good way. How he struggles to be in beat and pace with the music. But you can clearly hear he loves what he’s doing. They also released a 12inch on RAW called Arabian Daze which I haven’t heard. Anyone know what happened to these guys?


This is so refreshing to put on after listening to Rush or Yes. On the almighty RAW label.


Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: RAW
Format: 7″
New Religion.mp3
Blood On The Wall.mp3

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  1. Senap says:

    “Arabian Daze” came along with Lockjaws “Journalist Jive” on RAW’s “78-series”, I had it on a 7″ with no p/s. Sold it a long time a go, though, but I think that at least the A-side was quite OK. With a little arabian twist on the guitar, don’t know anything whatever these blokes did after that but who really cares….?
    Thanx for a fuckin’ great site, guys. Donations will come in sooner than later from me. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Tim Squid says:

    Great Single!
    The second, Arabian daze/Number Seven, is less cliché Punk, but in a way better!
    They even recorded an album for Raw, hopefully it will see the light of day sometimes…
    As The Users Album!!!

  3. Tony says:

    Arabian Daze sucks compared to this completely awesome 7″ and is a big boring letdown. Man, it’s amazing how much great stuff Raw Records put out between 77 and 79– Killjoys, Sick Things, Some Chicken, Users, Now, Soft Boys, etc… and even a reissue of the Creation “Making Time” 7″ from ’66! Most of their stuff has this amazing addictive guitar sound– maybe the same guy produced them all (?).

  4. Jim says:

    Blood On The Wall is my favourite track from them by far! Amazing speed, great lyrics! I have the Arabian Daze 12″ but I have to agree with Tony it really does suck unfortunatly.

  5. pogel says:

    Thanks for posting this. I got these tracks on a tape that I got in a trade several years back. I always loved the agression and snarling vocals, but it’s a lot clearer on these MP3s. I’ll look up what else was on that tape and return for mosre comments;)

  6. Anonymous says:



    PRAISE CHARLIE. The punk movement should surly have become a Charlie Manson movement.

  7. DAMIAN says:


    • MorphineStockbroker says:

      There’s a CD on Anagram Records called Raw Records – The Punk Singles Collection. Has both tracks off both singles plus a load of other stuff off Raw Records (Users,Killjoys,Unwanted etc)

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Some Chicken pops up at eBay every know and then. There’s a copy up right now. And Damaged Goods Records have done a repress if too.

  9. dave says:

    this right here has got to be one of my favirote kbd postings.kick-ass!

  10. Wayne says:

    Some Chicken were from Nottingham.

    They recorded 2 singles, New Religion / Blood on the Wall, and Number 7 / Arabian Daze.

    New religion made number 16 on John Peels Festive Fifty in 1978.

    The band gigged around the UK during 1978 and 79, their biggest gigs were supporting XTC, Tom Robinson, X-Ray Spex, Adam And The Ants and Cheap Trick.

    They regularly played residencies in Nottingham, at the Sandpiper Club and The Imperial Hotel, where they held (and I believe still do) the attendance record for a single gig.

    They were a top bunch of blokes.
    I was proud to be their roadie.

  11. Ian Granville says:

    Yeah, I remember seeing SC quite a few times at he Sandipier and I think also at The Imperial Hotel. In fact, in the late 1980’s I worked with Mark (guitarist) at Gedling Borough Council.
    They were the days – great site.

  12. vince ray says:

    Fuckin’ great to hear that again! I’m from Nottingham and might be biased, but I’m proud to say I was at the Imperial many times to see Some Chicken (and Gaffa!) and stood there along with everyone else with my jaw on the floor.
    Punk had hit the headlines, but these guys must have picked up the flag really quickly, we’d never seen anything like it then.
    Any news on them now?
    Also, what the fuck are the lyrics? I’d love to see them written out….New Religion could make an ACE psychobilly cover!

  13. ib says:

    Yeah, right. Attempt by the Kursaals to cash-in on
    whatever was flavour of the month, and get on Top of the Pops. Glam WAS indeed a big influence on punk,but glam, sadly, was just another bandwagon that the Kursaals failed to grab a hitch on.

    If you really want to find out what exactly rocked their boat (and the record buying public in the uk)then check out 1974’s “little does she know” (a top 40 hit) from the band’s “golden mile” lp – a CBS top tip as opposed to any small distributer.

    About as “punk” as a poke in the weepy eye of any fat tourist madly snapping any sad cunt with a mohawk in an Exploited t-shirt.

  14. Dan says:

    I heard the New Religion ep fisrt and liked it. When I heard the Arabian Daze ep, I was blown away. Great 50s style Punk on both sides. They should have reissued that one! Arabian Daze Suck?!! Not to this generally fussy listener. Get your ears checked guys.

  15. Speed says:

    Both sides are lethal! I’ve heard OF these guys before, but never had the opportunity to hear these tracks. They shoulda been huge.

  16. adam says:


    My dad used to play bass in some chicken…

    he had a fake name “terry bull”
    but his real name is mike nowicki.. i’m his son adam. What a small world!

    • leonard says:

      wauuu ¡¡¡

      yo soy fan de esta banda aqui en Latinoamerica .
      me podrias proporcionar más datos o las letras de las canciones??


    • Punk77 says:

      Hello there Adam

      Would yer dad be interested in doing an interview for the Punk77 website about SC?



    • vince says:

      Hi Adam, can you ask yer Dad if he remembers the yrics to New Religion? We’d love to cover it but can’t figure it out, what we can understand is fuckin cool. Thanks, Vince Ray

    • Azee Swaleheen says:

      My name is Azee,I use to manage the band for a short while trying to get record deals and gigs.
      I like to get in touch with your dad to find out what happened since I left!!

  17. behjan says:

    If there is a deal for the SH.CH.1st 7″ where members with almost all their real names appaer ?
    A CD/LP with both 7″s (respectively 2nd as a 12″-format)?
    Alex O.`s great book “NO MORE HERORES” reveals all nemes (singer´s “Ivor Badcock” (2006 – R.I.P. !!)is a pseudo one , but reveealed in Alex´book , anyway !

  18. Some Chicken were a great band, supported them many times as “Skin Patrol”, at least one great live cassette of their Imperial gigs somewhere.
    Number 7 is my favorite.

    Love to you all.


  19. leonard says:

    hi ¡¡¡

    some chicken’s a great band of punk rock ¡¡¡
    Chaos UK play a cover of there – new religion

    listen ¡¡¡

  20. Azee Swaleheen says:

    My name is Azee,I use to manage the band for a short while trying to get record deals and gigs.
    I like to get in touch with your dad to find out what happened since I left!!

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