B.A. Robertson – Flight 19 7″

barobertson_flight19.jpgI really hope this post will piss alot of people off. Robertson had little to do with punk except that you can hear that he was clearly influenced by it in such master pieces as this and Saint Seanne.


And it’s time to give him some cred for writing some of the most brilliant powerpop songs who’ve made it to vinyl. “…the last Flight 19, (1982), a #1 in Iceland! This track inspired a ground breaking music video directed by Brian Grant.“.


A great follow up to the Kursaal Flyers post If you ask me. And the way he look on the sleeve! Wow!


Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: UA
Format: 7″
Flight 19.mp3
Alright On The Night

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  1. Alan says:

    Saint Saens is the absolute masterpiece, especially if you’re from Glasgow

    Provincial friends of mine
    On Glasgow’s Evening Times
    I just don’t have the time
    To sit with you and discuss the past

    The lagers we’d imbibe
    The heavy diatribe
    Hey pharisees and scribes
    Which of us would survive the blast

    Now I’m a media man
    McCann and Erickson
    Flat in the Barbican
    Who’d wanna live in Clarkston?

    Class lyrics.

  2. Erich says:

    It’s nice, but ey – ANGEL WITCH’s “Flight 19” is the shyte really!

  3. Collin says:

    Is this the same B.A. Robertson who had an album on Ardent in the mid 70’s? The origins check out.

  4. Frederico J. Nicolau - Brazil says:

    Where I can see “B.A. Robertson – Flight 19 7″´s video clip ?
    It´s a very interesting video clip !

  5. Sam Beckwith says:

    Cool… This is something I never expected to find through Hype Machine.

  6. Charlie M says:

    “Bang Bang”and “Knocked It Off…..a part of my youth. Totally legit!

  7. Vaeringar says:

    Tesco Vee mentions this record as an influence. I guess “B.A.” is a joke for “Boring Anus.” Tesco mistook the adjective for a verb and came up with “Tooling for Anus.” The beauty of misunderstandings!

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