The Drones – Can’t See 7″

drones_cantsee.jpgThe Drones where good at doing the punk thing. Further Temptations is one master piece of LP if you ask me. And was one of the first 10 punk rock LPs I bought back in the 70s. What a suprise to discover that they where just as great at crancking out some fine punk/powerpop too as heard here in Can’t See.


Originally a pub rock called Rockslide who released a single called ‘Roller Coaster’ which got nowhere. Sniffing the punk wind of change in’76 however, they emerged as one of the most exciting bands from Manchester’s punk scene.


Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Fabulous
Format: 7″
Can’t See.mp3
Fooled Today

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  1. James says:

    Does anyone know if that Rockslide single actually exists? I read somewhere else that it was called “Jump, Bump, Boogaloo”.

  2. steve says:

    Yes, that’s the title, and yes it does exist. Never heard it though…

  3. steve says:

    Yes, that’s the title (“Roller Coaster” was the B-side), and yes it does exist. Never heard it though…

  4. Tony B says:

    slight error here…

    ‘Cant See’ came out in early 1979.
    I saw them promoting this single at the Moonlight and the Marquee.

    Not being nit picking,but the internet is the cause of loads of misinformation masquerading as fact.

    No offence mate. But its hard to read stuff and not respond sometimes…

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    No offense mate but since the labels says 1980 and not 1979 I’ll go with that.

  6. Lou says:

    I want to intercourse Peter

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha ha Lou the 12incher ;).

  8. Lou says:

    No, 24 incher – they call me “double lp” (or “double penetration”). ;-)

  9. fernando says:

    Small contribution about the dating: Can’t see charted briefly in the indie charts in 5/80 (highest pos. no. 50). Good single indeed :)

  10. Tony B says:

    Seriously lads, i honestly haven’t just spent 3 years trying to find out the exact date hahaha

    whilst pissing about today tryin to find something on ebay,i ended up back here(maybe its a 3 year cycle til you get back to where you started?)..

    Then i had another butchers for the Cant See rekkid
    And this was the kind of thing that i meant above about the internet…
    “On this date in 1980, The Drones released their third single, “Can’t See”. It was backed by “Fooled Today”. Neither track appeared on their Further Temptations album but both were added as bonuses when the album was re-released on CD. The Manchester, England punk band released three singles and an album before disbanding in 1979.”
    As people say alot these days…Doh.
    (Also Punk77 has it has 79,im absolutely certain that it came out twice anyway)
    …..The night i saw them play at the Marquee when this single came out was the same night The Damned played a secret gig at the Hope & Anchor….the reason i remember is cos of the bollocking i got from all my mates for dragging them to a sort of new romantic powerpop drones and not a dodgy demo damned.
    btw im fully prepared that i might be wrong about the year,but as far as i remember the Drones never played any gigs in london after summer of 79,thats why i cant understand why they would release a record if they werent even going?? id love to hear anyone elses gig stories as well..i loved the drones…it was all fields then…etc

    The Drones reformed again in 1982..anyone see them on those dates?

    Also,Anyone found Rockslide yet? Trying to even see a scan of that is fking mental.

  11. sir hake says:

    its so great for me tears for fears in punk but this is a legendary punk rock band from manchester i think this a pop master piece.thank you kbd.

  12. tubesman says:

    F—ing awsome band and classic album on valer recs. the album is up there among the other classics of the time, e.g London calling, Bollocks, Rattus. Oh those were the days. B.T.W, has anyone come across info regarding the rockslide single yet. Now that would be a gem of a find. The drones deserved so much more back then in my opinion.
    Has anyone got any info on whispa cundall after all these years(original bass player).
    I never knew the full story over his departure.

  13. paddy says:

    I have an EXcellent copy of Jump Bump Boogaloo single on Reward label, which I will put on You tube in the next day or so. I will ebay this single in future so will let you know when I do this, looking for the right buyer as this single is as rare as Hens Teeth. I think it sounds very similar to Jimmy Castor Bunch style from he 70’s a sort of Funk Rock with Funk Break style Drumming and heavy guitar, quite cool!

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