Vandaalit – Betonikolossit 7″

vandaalit_betonikolossit.jpgThe guy behind the Break The Rules compilations(one of the best in the series of all “KBD” boots) decided to go for the a-side Betonikolossit on volume 9. I think the b-side Hipinreuhake is way better. 500 pressed of this their first release out of three.




Country: Finland
Year: 1981
Label: Poko
Format: 7″

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  1. Ville says:

    Great stuff!

    One of my favourite finnish band. Their “heikot sortuu elontiellä 7” is also great!

  2. Akne-Joni says:

    They have 4 lp`s. The last two published in the 90`s when they did a comeback. Theyre first lp Namuja Lapsille just got CD version. Great album.

  3. Akne-Joni says:

    Hello again! Vandaalit is re-formed again and theyre gonna make couple gigs in Finland. Jusr wanted you to know.

  4. Punkdetective says:

    To my surprise You only posted the B side. It’s a great tune but I Frankly disagree with You. The B side is speedier and punkier but I kind of prefer face A. Please post it for everyone to judge.

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