The X-Certs – Queen And Country 7″

xcerts_queen.jpgFrom Bristol, UK. For some reason these guys sounds very irish to me. Maybe cause of their incredible talent for melodys. Queen And Country is as good as it gets if you like punkypowerpop with a smart arrangement and a hook that will be stuck in your head forever:Uncle Sam Needs You! He wants your eyes to see him through. Brilliant track.


Visions Of Fate is good but a quiet ordinary melodic punk tune. These tracks are from the Bristol compilation “Avon Calling” released in 1979 and then re-issued by Japans 1977 Records.


Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: 1977 Records
Format: 7″
Queen And Country.mp3
Visions Of Fate.mp3

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  1. James says:

    Never heard this before, pretty good. On first impressions I’d say the B-side’s the pick – thanks Peter.

  2. Senap says:

    I’ll go on James’ line and pick the B-side as well.
    During the first 20 secs of the song I thought that it was Attentat, but Jönsson couldn’t sing in English but it was quite similar ( or maybe not….?)
    Can’t you put out some of the more “mainstream” power-pop-classics that I can’t find anywhere Like Rock’n Roll girl & All over the world (Paul Collins’ Beat) and Records “R’n’R love letter”.
    If that’s not to pathetique?

  3. Mark Lame says:

    The 7” these 2 tracks are drawn from was released by the Japanese label 1977 Records a few years back..

    The songs originally appeared on the 1980 V/A LP “Bristol Recorder: Second Edition”. The quartet first appeared on 2 compilations for the Bristol based Heartbeat label with “Anthem” on the ‘Avon Calling’ LP and “Blue Movies” on the ‘4 Alternatives’ 7”/EP in 1979/80.. Not to be confused with the Coventry based outfit who issued a single on Zama, this lot released just one further 7” “Together”/”Un-Together” on their own(?) Recreational imprint in 1981 (more in the pop-dub/reggae style). There’s also an early demo (“You Have Been Warned”) on the recent 2CD collection of Heartbeat Records bands/releases…

    Cheers, Mark Lame

  4. steve says:


    The X-Certs single on Zama wasn’t released, so the Bristol band have the name all to themselves in the shops.

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