Pointed Sticks – Lies

Tonight it’s time for the TV Eye // Drummer and me to share the stage. Haven’t seen his band TV Eye in a long time so it’s going to be great. In the meantime enjoy this until some new stuff is coming up.



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  1. Hairy Palm says:

    Great Old-Fashioned Video

  2. Senap says:

    Cool! Canada’s finest!!
    I haven’t seen any videos with P.S before. The “Out of luck” 7″ is by the way one of my all time fave punk (powerpop?) simgles. This was a great band. I also liked the drummer DimWit’s (Rip) band Four Horsemen. But they don’t gualify here, I suppose. And I found out recenttly that he was Chuck Biscuits brother. Little did I know

  3. James says:

    Fantastic band and their best song! a genuine classic!!

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I saw some Pointed Stick live from Japan when they where ther in July. Didn’t knew they’ve reformed. They sounded great.

  5. Spraypaint Manifesto says:

    Nice to see some footage of one of the better bands to come out of Canada. Haven’t seen this videofor a few years. I’ve also seen a video for the much tamer Waiting for the Real Thing.

  6. KEiSHi says:

    Great video by one of the best bands from Canada!!
    I saw their reunion show in Tokyo and it was really great. Nick’s voice was still sweet and their playing was almost perfect!!

  7. Steve says:


    Here is a link to one of those Tokyo shows. God, I wish I could have seen those!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Harry says:

    There’s gonna be a power pop fest in New York later this year…Pointed Sticks, Shivvers, and Speedies are suppose to be playing…seeing how I’m only a few hours away!…I’ll be going for sure!!

    ps…i also posted The Witch on youtube.com Too lazy to get the link! It should just be posted here instead!!

  9. Mike says:

    I saw the band in Japan and they ROCKED. I uploaded videos of most of the songs on http://www.youtube.com enter search terms pointed sticks and japan.

  10. scott skitzo says:

    The reformed Pointed Sticks are as seen here, except instead of Dimwit on drums (RIP) they have added the drummer from their debut single, Ian Tiles. The bespectacled guitarist, Bill Napier-Hemy, is married with children to former Dishrags singer/guitarist Jade Blade, for all you trivia buffs. Dimwit was best known for being in harder bands like the Subhumans and (later) DOA, but he also liked powerpop too (and of course heavy metal).

  11. vanfan says:

    Their sold out show last night in Vancouver was exceptional. Watch for more to come.

  12. nick jones says:

    wow!!thanks for all the kind comments.yup,we’ve done a few gigs in the last year.unfortunately,due to circumstance,they will be few and far between,but we are playing toronto on march 30,and nyc at the powerpop fest on march 31st.hope to see someof you there…nj

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