Strangeways – Wasting Time 7″

strangeways_cover.jpgTommy Erdelyi aka Tommy Ramone produced this incredible great a-side punk/powerpop classic. Wasting Time is a very typical 1979 powerpop smasher while All The Sounds Of Fear could’ve been good but since the vocals are a bit out of tune it just dosen’t work. For punk it could add that extra touch but for a powerpop band? Nah!


Bas’s guitar parts were played on John Entwistle’s (The Who bassist) black Gibson Les Paul, through two (yes, TWO) Marshall 100watt stacks, both on FULL power, whilst the bass and drums were stripped to a raw minimum. This ‘Ramonisation’ of the Strangeways sound…


Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Real
Format: 7″
Wasting Time.mp3
All The Sounds Of Fear

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