Huvudtvatt/Picnic Boys Split E.P. 7″

huvudtvatt_cover.jpgWhat could be better then to do a split post with Erichs Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times! on a split 7inch. Since Erich like Picnic Boys he takes on the ungratefull task of posting them.


One of the most wellknown and most sought after swedish HC records.
And for once there’s some substance in the hype. It’s from 1981 wich means it’s temporary with US stuff second it got members from one of the best swedish punk band Massmedia who’s Dass jazz is HC to my ears and that was released in 1979.


Mats Nilsson one of the Nilsson brothers studied in Linkoping our hometown at the time of this release. He also run a student radio program in 1981 and he’s responsible for turning me on to Discharge and Teen Idles. I visited him a couple of times at his small student apartment and bought some records and tapes from him. A very nice guy! He also sold me the Huvudtvatt/Picnic Boys and it have been one of my swedish favourites since.


Mats later moved to Stockhom and we lost contact. Anyone knows what he’s doing nowadays? Fun connections: Ola Fagerberg who first played bass in Kurt i kuvos and later sang on the split they did with Huvudtvatt/Headcleaners joined our old band Raped Teenagers in 1985. Yeah yeah! Here’s an email from Huw(vocals) writing to the 7inchpunk guys.


Country: Sweden
Year: 1981
Label: Massproduktion
Format: 7″
Huvudtvatt – Smutsig byk.mp3
Huvudtvatt – Huvudtvatt.mp3
Huvudtvatt – Manglad.mp3
Huvudtvatt – Torktumlaren.mp3
Huvudtvatt – Stryk.mp3
Huvudtvatt – Ren logn.mp3
Picnic Boys – En jakt pa svar available at:
Picnic Boys – I dag och i morgon available at:

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19,170 Responses to Huvudtvatt/Picnic Boys Split E.P. 7″

  1. Senap says:

    My copy of this one (which I sold a long time ago) was a simple white cover with a big square sticker, also numbered with insert. I thought that it was the first press but I have never seen it for sale, only with the cover you posted Peter. Could my copy have been a promo?

    • Not a promo. Approx 300 copies were released with the “sticker” sleeve. I put every last one of them stickers on there myself. I have two copies. Have never seen one for sale.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Don’t know Mr. Mustard. Never seen that either. A call for the TV Eye // Drummer or Peter Kagerland from Spy.

  3. Senap says:

    OK. I bought it from someone in the band through an ad in Schlager. And that was when it was newly released. It might have been so that the covers weren’t pressed yet so they did some handmade ones? A friend of mine bought one at the same time so I’ve seen 2 copies of it. And then nothing….

    • Martin says:

      The white sleeve version with the pinkish sticker is not seen as often as this one, but way more than 2 copies exist for sure. I don’t think it’s a promo, I think it’s picnic boys sleeve variation as the sticker says picninc boys. Maybe they just split the copies and picnic boys did their sleeves as easy as possible themselves. Don’t know why I didn’t answer on this thread 3 years ago…

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ok! When I visited Mats in his student apartment I never saw one of these either.

  5. Metallibanger says:

    Can anyone tell me which Huvudtvätt record was Pushead referring to when he called it “Extrem Punx” 7″ EP on his list of the top 100 of the 80’s? Also, Erich’s links are dead.

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  10. Nathan G says:

    Tracks 4 & 5 by Huvudtvatt are pretty sweet. Now for the most useless trivia ever. The punk rock band in the Archies comics was called The Headcleaners and they completed their line-up with a girl classical music instrument player.

  11. Nathan G says:

    It was in the spin-off title “Betty’s Diary”” (No.3, August 1986).

  12. Pelle Wengelin says:

    This was new for me, interesting…

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