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Plummet Airline – It’s Hard 7″

James at Worthless Trash have introduced me to lots of great UK acts I’ve never heard before. Plummet Airline is just one of the many from his latest podcast(no. 3).   This is their second release and It’s Hard is … Continue reading

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Henry Fiat’s Open Sore – I Was A Teenage Pretty Boy E.P. 7″

These are some old boys from Sweden that blows most of the younger boys away. This is their 10th 7inch. How can a band manage to keep up the quality on their 10th 7inch? Beats me but they do. Perfect … Continue reading

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Boys Club – This Is My Face E.P. 7″

First band out here that sent us some 7inches. The wonderful Boys Club. Reminds of some old lost recording of one of those old Aussie bands The Victims or News. Sloppy played done the right way that adds that special … Continue reading

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Pointed Sticks – Lies

Tonight it’s time for the TV Eye // Drummer and me to share the stage. Haven’t seen his band TV Eye in a long time so it’s going to be great. In the meantime enjoy this until some new stuff … Continue reading

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The Tranques – Heavy Whispers 7″

This is Willful Neglect(two classic HC MLPs) gone more metal. The a-side is awful bad Heavy Metal but the b-side Bleed’in Eyes is a good punky song that manage not be too much of wanky metal. The only one person … Continue reading

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