The Boys – You Make Me Shake 7″

boys_shake.jpgReleased in 1977 this is the US The Boys second 7inch. The first one beeing released as early as 1975! Up there with classics like Shivvers-Teenline and assorted powerpop. Righfully The Boys have been included in the Teenline series. The only complaint I have is that Where Too Young drags on far too long in the end.


Up in Lincoln, the Boys ruled the power-pop roost. 1977’s “You Make Me Shake” is probably their best, but “She’s My Girl,” their 1975 debut, provides a nice missing link between full-blown American power-pop…


Country: USA
Year: 1977
Label: Outrage
Format: 7″
You Make Me Shake.mp3
We’re Too Young.mp3

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  1. Steve says:

    Brilliant single!!! Both songs are amazing!!! I think I paid $30 for this and it was worth every penny!!!

    Check out this video of a Japanese fan lip-synching along to “You Make Me Shake.” It’s incredible!

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    HA HA HA incredible!!! Absolutly awesome in every sense.

  3. Raul says:

    that vid is fuckin funny yeah, and the guy have two firestarter practices??

    about the 7″… i just have heard “you make me shake” which is incredible, one of my favs songs of the shake some action style comps. the other is great too! but not as the first.

  4. Collin says:

    couldn’t disagree more! ‘we’re too young’ is total Who-by-way-of-Mott midwest pop majesty and one of my nominations for top of the whole pop shop! ‘you make me shake’ as well, but come on, that intro to ‘we’re too young’ is total townshend. look for the titan records interview in the second ish of total rock mania magazine and the best of titan records finally out in early ’07.

  5. Steve says:

    Agreed. “We’re Too Young” is teenage powerpop perfection.

  6. metalfreak says:

    Oh great! I hope here will be posted more UK Punk stuff. I’m looking for so musch UK Bands.

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Metalfreak: but you seem to like killer US powerpop too :).

  8. Tony says:

    Thanks for posting this! I just discovered that I had a copy of this with pic sleeve in my basement! I had a pile of records I got from a dollar bin several years ago which I have never listened to, and this was one of them! If you hadn’t posted it then it still would have sat there for who knows how much longer. I think I never listened to this one after buying it because the band looked like wankers on the sleeve.

  9. Matt says:

    I bought both this and their first 7″ in a dollar bin 10 years ago. Bought them on a whim and thought they were pretty good.

  10. kraig says:


    One of the most durable and notorious Lincoln groups of the 70’s was The Boys, a band with a heavy Anglo stance. The Boys hooked up with David Hibler, a UNL English professor. With Hibler as manager, the band sprun upon the Lincoln scene in a bizarre publicity scheme that hit the front pages of at least one local paper.

    In February 1975, a series of enigmatic “Invasion Notices” were passed out in downtown Lincoln by closemouthed men. Signed by “Heinrich”, the notices were also marked with a stylized symbol that many people took to resemble a swastika. “Those who are wise will be watchful and vigilant for the time of their deliverance,” said the second notice. “Those with eyes will see. Those with ears will hear. The rest, fortunately, will ignore this.”

    The newspapers , the police and the mayor’s office didn’t ignore it. It made them uptight.

    By the third morning, the perpatrators were clearly having a field day. A man in a black trench coat delivered a notice to the clerk of the U.S. District Court. “Give this to the proper authorities”, he said as he clicked his heels together and saluted.

    “You have no doubt begun to hear the lies and vilifications which the reactionary press and media have begun to trump up against us”, said the third notice. “DO NOT LET SUCH DEMENTED REACTIONS SHAKE YOUR FAITH.” In fact, by the third day, the notices began getting mostly tounge-in-cheek coverage by most media, total disregard by the rest.

    On the fouth day, Hibler denited he had anything to do with the notices.

    On the fifth day, Hibler admitted he was Heinrich, and the whole thing was a promotion for The Boys. Lincoln Mayor Sam Schwartzkopf asked if the city could draft a law prohibiting such gimmics that might scare the public and cost the city money and time checking them out. The city attorney reminded the mayor that citizens have the right of free speech.

    During the time The Boys were together, they briefly changed their name to Londen, The Yanks, and Cocky Monroe before changing back to The Boys.

  11. Hi – Titan will be re-issuing on CD late 2007 the Just Another Pop Album which includes “We’re Too Young” . Also several unreleased Boys tracks will be coming on future CDs – along with unreleased tracks form all of the Titan ‘Stable Of Stars’ – Gary Charlson, The Secrets*, Arlis!, and even a Boys live recording in front of an adoring throng in Omaha. Recorded via a mobile studio 16 track and re-mixed in the studio, not from some cheesy fan tape. Keep your eyes and ears open. Oh – the web-site will be up soon. Until then reach us via

  12. nick reno says:

    These guys are way cool but they are long gone.. audio plz.

  13. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Audio please? The tracks are right here.

  14. elliott says:

    sorry it’s really good but not as good as the mighty shivvers. thanks.

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