The Insults – Stiff Love E.P. 7″

insults_stiff_cover.jpginsults_poster.jpg“She just wanna put her lips around stiff love. She’s too busy sucking on stiff love. She’s gonna get a mouthfull of hot cum!” Offensive lyrics is without a doubt the strongest side of Californias The Insults. And listen to the sloopy drum playing right after the first chorus when T. Brendon have counted in with 1 2 3 4. Ha ha hilarious bad in a good way.


Incredible obnoxious vocals added to the thought provocing lyrics I sense that these guys got a lot of shit from the cooler guys in high school. “I ain’t no lawyer. I ain’t no doctor. I ain’t no dentist. I’m just a dophead. I’m just a doper!”


I’ve added a scan from an original gig flyer that came with my copy when The Insults played Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco. But wich year was it? This is their second 7inch. The first one can be found at Something I Learned Today.


Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Sick Sound
Format: 7″
Stiff Love.mp3
Tax War.mp3
I’m Just A Doper.mp3

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12 Responses to The Insults – Stiff Love E.P. 7″

  1. Erich says:

    Aaaargh, this band is like an open wound to me! Never cared to buy the 7″s when they still were decently priced. The posthumous LP is great too. Totally whacky and yes, the drummer HAHAHAHA – GREAT!!!!!

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Haven’t heard the LP Erich. Got tracks not on the 7inches?

  3. Tony says:

    “Stiff Love” is totally rude and juvenile but their best song to my ears. They just pound away at their instruments. “Population Zero” from their other 7″ has such wild guitar noodling, another great song. The posthumous LP called “Insult To Injury” came out in 1999 on collector Roger Mah’s great BTX label. All songs on the LP are unreleased, it does not contain any tracks from the 7″s. The Insults were from this town South of San Francisco called Watsonville. While on a road trip a few years ago I happened to drive past Watsonville and can see what might have fueled all thier rudeness- it looks like a sleepy place and is near this other city called Santa Cruz which I heard is full of hippies. About 10 years ago the guitar player of the Insults was in this band called “The Nothing” with this pro skater at the time. I don’t remember if they released anything, though.

    • ED ACHE says:

      there were from, Del Rey Oaks west of SEASIDE CA,I lived with Rick Sikk ,and was a roadie for the INSULTS he taught me bass and I played bass in his band right after they broke up, we were called IZZY STRANGE, then became PLAIN JANE AND THE JOKES ,with RICKARD ‘S wife singing, thought that might help get the story strait…….ED ACHE

  4. Erich says:

    The LP’s great. Totally snotty ‘n’ sloppy, tin can drums and all that you need. If it’s not available anymore, “one” might make rip it and upload it “somewhere”.

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for the nice piece of info Tony! Aha didn’t knew Roger Mah had a record label even though I made a trade with him a couple of months ago. Great guy by the way.

    Erich, I keep my balls crossed the money will be there for you pretty soon so we all can hear that LP!

  6. Redd says:

    the band was from monterey ..
    i was the last drummer in the insults ..
    we changed are name to izzy strange ..then moved to seattle in the 90’s and played under the name
    nobody [not the nothing] and no pro skater ..
    just a bunch of speed and coke heads ..
    the singer for that band is chuck mouth of los gatos locos..
    the band did all of the insults songs + some songs from plain jane and the jokes and nation on fire.


  7. Redd says:

    i have the nobody recordings if some one wants to put the shit out

  8. ED ACHE says:

    I was the second Bass player for The Insults and PLAIN JANE and THE JOKES , Richard Sic..He was the guitar player and founding member .looking to get in contact with Dicky…LOL oh yah..hey Redd… email is thinking about making some noise again

  9. redd says:

    hell yah i would make some more noise
    with you

  10. ericulcer says:

    Brendan the singer has been living in France for many years and i did a band there with him in the early 90s!

  11. Hey dudes, Brendon T. is still wanking off with his voice and his guitar in France. I did a long time stunt in The Sun and The Rotten Boards. My new project is called The Wine Cocks because my guitarist and I both make organic prick wine. We write our own stuff but we still cover “I’m so twisted” cause it’s a f-asss song.

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