The Freeze – I Hate Tourists 7″

freeze_tourist_front.jpgThe first and notorious The Freeze 7inch that given many a record collector some headache. Is it really THAT good? Well Don’t Forget Me Tommy is a really bad bad “new wave” song. There’s good new wave but this isn’t. It’s a good laugh but nothing else.


I Hate Tourists on the other hand is classic in every sense of the word. Cliff Hangers voice is one of the best both in HC and here when they sound more like good ol’ punk.


From Cliffs liner notes included in a limited re-issue of this by Canadas Schizoprenic Records(Still some copies left so hurry up!):”The song became a novelty “hit” that summer on Boston radio;”Cape Cod kids singing a profanity laden song about hating tourists” was too funny a premise for Boston radio to ignore.”


Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Rebel
Format: 7″
Don’t Forget Me Tommy
I Hate Tourists.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Freeze – I Hate Tourists 7″

  1. LustForDeath says:

    I really like “Don’t forget me Tommy”.The synth on that song is great and kinda spooky giving the song a special feel.

  2. Erich says:

    “Don’t forget me Tommy” is a great song – I like it better than the flip!

  3. this blog looks good i will check out!!

  4. Erich says:

    What is a “false blog”?

  5. CORPUS 77 says:



  6. Brian says:

    Good to see a classic still appreciated. Freeze Favorite: I Hate Tourists, second: Refrigerator Heaven (such a great song). Cliff is wild front man.

    Back ’80 (’81?) I was friends with a friend/near neighbor of Cliff’s and was able to videotape the Freeze doing IHT for the local public access cable channel. Lousy video, great music =)

    I still have 45 of IHT somewhere too.

  7. Brian says:

    Was it really 7″? I’ll did up my copy and post high res pics.

  8. momster says:

    wow… great to hear this song again. still have my copy from cliff’s bro. sorry about Cal. sharing this classic w/ my kids. who knew mom was so cool? can’t share original, they have never seen a turntable but already know the song well.

  9. Thom Bone says:

    I love my original pressing, with comic book, in near mint condition :)

  10. Nils says:

    Please Upload the other Song Dont Forget me Tommy!! PLEASE! I’ve got the song on the 7inch at Home but not as Mp3!

  11. CommonwealthPunk says:

    What does the comic book look like? I’ve only seen a few copies with the little sticker advertising it, but it’s always long gone.

  12. Nathan G says:

    Tourists are good for your local economy.

  13. capecodder says:

    Still have 2 of the original pressings (yellow & red) covers.
    A true classic from the 80’s on the cape. The words are as true as ever…Tourists Suck!!!

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