Razorcake no.31-Regulations, Dead Moon, Punk Rock Bowling and more

razorcake_31.jpgWell as you know by now I’m not a reviewer. I tend to repeat myself. And my english grammar fails me from time to time. Not to mention the spelling. But there’s some people out there who’s really good at it and the guys at Razorcake is on the top of my list.


Todd not only gave my band The Flakes a kick ass review he was also nice enough to send me the latest issue of Razorcake since he saw on here that I dig Regulations. If you haven’t heard of or read Razorcake you’re really missing out on something. It’s the follow up to Flipside that you should’ve heard about since it was one of the first and longest running zines in the States.


While I do like MRR I’ve always favoured the more laid back attitude of Flipside. And Razorcake continues that tradtition. Couple that with well written articles, reviews and a big does of great humour you’ve got a winner. Get your copy today!



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  1. Stephanie says:

    Just thought I would give a mention to my Yahoo message board, Punk Rock Bowling. It’s small but mighty. MP3s, photos and old fliers. Cool people sharing punk rock and bowling related news. =)

  2. Erich says:

    Now I’m waiting for Carwashing Punk. Or Furniture Cleaning Punk. Or maybe Painting by Numbers Punk.

    You should send this link to Ake from MOB 47, Peter :-D

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I should send it to Ake ha ha :). He runs a bowling hall down in the south of Sweden namely Malmo.

    Next big thing will be Throwing Little Dwarves Around Punk.

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