M.O.G. – Radio Rock E.P. 7″

mog_cover.jpgOne of the most underrated dutch HC bands. Maybe cause M.O.G. had wacky sleeves and an original sound. But boy did they put out some great HC! But I think they’re in their prime when they slow it down as heard in the two outstanding tracks here: Walking and King Skinhead. Great!


Due to the mystery of M.O.G I haven’t been able to dig anything up. There’s a discography page at Kill From The Heart but the years are wrong there. Their second 7inch was Crap Rap and released in 1988.


Maybe our friend Niels/Eet U Smakelijk(who ones where in Gepopel who released the amazing Paracide the same year) can give us some info?


Country: Holland
Year: 1985
Format: 7″
Never Too Late.mp3
King Skinhead.mp3
Pay The Price.mp3
Too Long.mp3
Give Them.mp3
The Down Away.mp3

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  1. Etteke says:

    Haaaa, Petertje Sijb, ik woon op Tenerife, waarschijnlijk niet jouw soort eiland voor vakanties maar gevarieerder en betere infrastructuur om permanent te wonen. La Palma en La Gomera ken ik uiteraard ook, is voor mij een soort “weekendje Ameland”. Moet alleen nog eens naar Lanzarote, de rest heb ik gehad. El Hierro is nog ongerepter dan La G. en La P.

    En Gilbert, waar blijft het mp3-tje van de Jerks nou? Ik wacht nog steeds ;-)

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Dra mig baklänges!!! Det kan inte vara möjligt?

  3. Jag tror fan bara att det är rykten! Det kan, precis som du pekade ut så snitsig här ovan Peter, omöjligtvis vara sant. Att de skulle mötts på såväl Las Palmas som Lanzarote och Teneriffa låter för bra för att vara med sanningen helt överensstämmande.

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha javisst! Men som någon vis person påpekat, vid inte bara ett utan ett flertal tillfällen, så kan dikten överträffa verkligheten. Inte helt omöjligt att detta väl valda tillfälle är ett sådant.

  5. Men kan dikten verkligen överträffa verkligheten på ett så fantastiskt sätt? Om det verkligen är sant så ska jag starta en Stryperblogg istället för att posta skitskivor här. Oi!

  6. Just det ja, det vore ju bra om Etteke kunde bekräfta sin faktaspäckade historia så att jag vet hur jag ska gå vidare efter det STORA avslöjandet.
    På svenska heter det förresten EN EKA, inte ETT EKE!

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Upp till bevis nu EN EKA! Ro tillbaka hit och stÃ¥ upp för dessa uppseendeväckande rön. Världen hÃ¥ller andan…

  8. The Faintest Ideas / / Dummer says:

    Bra rutet Peter! Ror han/ hon inte hit nu så kommer jag att hötta med näven och skriva arga insändare i lokalpressen, det är då ett som är säkert.

  9. Jay Thurston says:

    Mee nott nos watt yoos ar sayeeeeng.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Pero bueno, Flakes y Faintest Ideas, ¿por qué no habláis en holandés o inglés? ¡Ahora estáis creando una confusión lingüística que no sirve de nada. Martin tiene toda la razón!

  11. Etteke says:

    Pero bueno, ¡señores Flakes y Faintest Ideas! ¿Por qué no hablar en holandés o inglés? Estáis creando una confusión lingüística que no sirve de nada.

  12. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Varför skulle vi skriva på holländska, engelska elller för den delen spanska som du själv gör? Tror du att vi vill uppmuntra gammla kolonisatörsspråk?

  13. Etteke says:

    May I remind you that it were the Scandinavians who where the first to colonize America and not Spain?

  14. Etteke says:

    where = were

  15. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Vem har pratat om just USA? Det finns gott om andra exempel.

  16. martin says:

    Etteke,you can speak scandinavian very well.

  17. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    There’s a language called Scandinavian? Hell didn’t know though I live in Scandinavia.

  18. Martin says:

    Mmmm, Scandinavian, my favorite language. Stop pretending you didn’t know about Scandinavian!

  19. Allright mr drummer (the flakes) well spoken!!! These mog “fans” are trying to let you people talk en think in hollands…They tryed to let us people in Fryslân do the same!! fuck hollands!talk Englisch for intetrnational contact,personal bullshit on this site,while the writers live in the same village….Frysk en Fry

  20. martin says:

    Mmmm,Lobagoo my favorite number.Why can I not listen to this track?
    Anyway,tanks for putting our EP on this site…and succes.

  21. martin says:

    tanks=THANKS=thank you

  22. Jay Thurston says:

    Merci bocu!! No me gusta pinche pendejos estupidos.

  23. Martin says:

    Great HCP,this EP.

  24. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ok we got the message Martin.

  25. Jay Thurston says:

    What message??? Martin, are you trying to get a message across??? I don’t get it…will you explain. I might understand it better in my native Svedish tongue…doo yoo underrrsttannd meeee?

  26. martin says:

    Do you want a message from me?
    In swedish or swengish?

  27. I can send the boss of this site an illegal copie of the mcatukrax lp!!!Than everbody can download or just listen to the “next chapter” in the mog history.The records are more expensive as the stones or the beatles!!Last i found one in France for 35,00!!! This offer of mine is FREE!

  28. martin says:

    That lp is not as good as the ep,but indeed there is a Royal Message; To Be or not To Be.

  29. Klingsor says:

    A big remixxx wil make it more powerful,so it will bring the hidden truth at front…. Remember…it”s an Janssen-nasmak produktion,so don t put the volume down. It s a nice piece of work, creating new steps of their roots ,in combination with the hard modern times…. Zonder geld,meer mans.

  30. Etteke says:

    Hi Martin, I just listened to the music which you put on your website and The Oak and the Ash. It´s nice but sorry, I won´t order you for my funeral, I want electronic music, such as “Alles ist gut” by D.A.F. and (if died of cancer) “Radio activity” by Kraftwerk.

  31. martin says:

    Hoi Etteke…Ist gut, aber/but I still play electric music ,wich is also on my website.You may use that for your rebirth…..

  32. Martin says:

    It is never too late.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I am still alive. How are you, Martin? I just registered myself in Facebook.

  34. martin says:

    Anonymous,..sounds familiar,but I do not know.

  35. Tony Slug says:

    This band was active in their Northern Dutch region and beyond. They were quite good. My old band B.G.K. (um no, I DON’T have a box of original EP’s under the bed) did play with them a few times. Can’t remember much except for the frontman’s full beard, at the time an unusual appearance for a HC loving punkeroo.

    Flyer :


    entrance : 5 guilders (approx 2 Euros = $ 3)


    • Sissy Zweetsok says:

      Ach ja, die goeie ouwe tijd.. 5 piek voor het feestje, 5 piek voor een treinkaartje, 3 piek voor een pakkie shag, een piekie voor een biertje, 3 piekies voor een bgk singeltje .. voor 20 gulden op de eerste rij … Je weet toch!

  36. Francesco says:

    Hi! It’s a g-r-e-a-t website! I think I’ve never seen another better than this!
    Why the song “Hoobagoo” from M.O.G. 7″ is not for the download?
    Good work!

  37. martin says:

    Maybe Loobgoo(not hoo..) is considered to be too freaky.

  38. martin says:

    I am sorry….,it is LOOBAGOO(I forgot a a).

  39. Francesco says:

    I’m looking for:
    – HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH “Hallo nachbar” 7″ [Germany]
    I hope you can upload them.

  40. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I don’t have the Desperate Minds 7″ so it won’t be posted. I have the Hostage of Ayatollah but since I don’t like it it won’t be posted. I’m sure you can find these records else where by googling a bit :).

  41. Minimalist says:

    cause we also have to make some coins,so we can eat in this shit society…No,i don t know why….Loobagoo the loobagoo,ask Rop ,bassmanntuk . you know how the world starts falling down?

  42. maximalist says:

    We have to fight,so the Earth will preveil……

  43. Minimalist says:

    Allright!,thats the spirit. Do we fight with our hands or do we fight with words?

  44. maximalist says:

    The spoken word(praying) is very effective.
    With our hands we do the rest.
    Always Victory

  45. Van Oekel says:

    My hands are waiting to do the talking.! it s starts to become an old meeting site for the @ heroes from al over europe…maybe its nice to start a bar behind the harmonie (eeuuh?)Nice good old days. bgk,good and loud,old members of the nitwitz? i think so…got an e.p. of them. Negazione, also good in that time…………………… i rather have a bad day on a motorcycle,than a good day at the office. BE FREE, BE RADICAL, FIGHT THE E.U.,

  46. Anonymous says:

    Balthazar, je moet intussen toch wel weten dat de meeste mensen die hier schrijven een taalcomplex hebben. Alles beter dan Nee-derlands.
    Via dit forum ben ik erachter gekomen dat het duo Sex Ettek (www.sexettek.com) nog steeds bestaat of dat er in ieder geval nog steeds cd´s van ze te koop zijn. Toppie. Ik heb ze inmiddels binnen. ¡Gracias, Pedro Sijbengez!

  47. Jack Kabula says:

    Fideladi,fidelada….Impressive,but what went wrong? Peter S,Etteke de B,Martin P, Balthazar G,Gilbert T,Linda J , still missing some people from the acient time of @ en chaoz…..Pleast come on in,let something know….. Who s Balthazar G??

  48. martin says:

    Hoi Ray,
    Kan je me even mailen.
    groeten Martin.

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