Carpettes – How about me and you 7″

How about me and you 7.jpgFirst wax from this band. Carpettes put out a handfull of great 7-inches and 2 great LPs. Their best record thou, must be the 2nd 7″ which is posted on this blog earlier somewhere: Small wonder. Later the music became more punk-new wave very well-played with clean production, but still very good. Like many other punkbands they also had a couple of reggae-songs and if there´s something I dislike as much as hardcorebands turning into metal in the mid 80´s, it must be the punkbands trying to play reggae circa 1980!


My favourites here are Radio Wunderbar and the pretty fast song called Help I´m trapped.


Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: Small wonder
Format: 7″
How about me and you.mp3

Help, I´m trapped.mp3

Radio wunderbar.mp3

Cream of the youth.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Carpettes – How about me and you 7″

  1. Pogel says:

    Thanks a lot. I just love this. I don’t know why I didn’t buy this record when I bought other Small Wonder records like The Cravats. Different band again, but do you have anything by Fatal Microbes?

  2. dylan says:

    after hearing the 1st carpettes single, this one just makes me sad..

  3. h-bomb says:

    three words: awesome

  4. pirateradionut says:

    “Help, I’m Trapped” is incredible

  5. Tyler says:

    Thanks, this is great stuff!

  6. John Depressor says:

    A very much overlooked band and this is a GREAT record.The follow up”Small Wonder/2NE1 is their best but this is certainly no slouch either.”Radio Wunderbar”is my pick of the four tracks on this gem

  7. Corpus77 says:

    this is a much overlooked record, some great guitar work, especially on “how about me and you”

  8. Richard G says:

    I bought this in Quicksliver Records in Reading (UK) purely on the basis of the cover and loved it, which I still do all these many, many years later…

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