Indigesti – split 7″

Indigesti - Wretched split.jpgThis is a split with Wretched. Wretched is also great but I just wanted to post the indigesti-tracks today!


I´m really in love with the snotty vocals and the fast melodic hardcore of Indigesti! Later they released a LP (1985 I think) but after that I don´t know…


I used to have this but have recently sold it: as you might know I´m selling off my record collection!


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Back to Indigesti: Like THE FLAKES // DRUMMER said in another post; this one is from the golden days when every band had their own style and sound! It´so boring with all the OFFSPRING / BAD RELIGION / HIVES sound-alikes…


Country: Italy
Year: 1982
Format: 7″
No al sistema.mp3
Crea Veleno.mp3
Polvere fastidiosa.mp3
Mass media.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Indigesti – split 7″

  1. Erich says:

    Makes one think think about posting the other side ……

  2. john y? says:

    The lps killer,but this is the best!

  3. Alexander says:

    Hey all,

    I am just in search of getting some Indigesti on vinyl.And would love to get there 12″ LP of “Osservati dall Inganno”.So if anyone out there has a copy and would like to sell it just e-mail me.Talk soon,

    Alex Marshall

  4. Hey all again.I got theire 12″ LP of “Osservati dall’ inganno” and am now really wanting to get there split 7″ with “Wretched”.And im also looking for a copy 12″ of the LP by Rudimentary Peni of “Pope Adrian 37th Psychristric” to.So if any of you may have one of them then please just right me an e-mail and ill get the money to you asap.Thank’s,


  5. f.d. says:

    definatley the better side off the split, wretched is still hardcore

  6. I still have not heared back from anyone about the Indigesti-Wretched split 7″,and the Rudimentary Peni 12″ LP of “Pope Adrian 37th Psychristric”.So still if anyone who read’s this has a copy of this for sale please right me an e-mail with all the info on getting this.So i hope to hear back from someone with the Pope 12″ LP soon,


  7. Carlo says:

    Hi! it will be a surprise for you to know that the Indigesti drummer’s (Roberto Vernetti) now is a DJ on the most italian commercial radio (Radio Deejay). he play Thievery Corporation,Kruder&dorfmeister and similar stuff. And in that way the Negazione drummer’s now it’s a rapper.

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