Gang Green – Sold Out E.P. 7″

gang_green_sold_vinyl.jpgIn the early 80s I did some trades with Curtis out of Taang! Records and he was kind enough to send me this. 100 copies made and this is number 42. Do I want to brag about it? Of course I want!


After this Gang Green went downward. But this, Boston Not L.A. and Unsafe At Any Speed is killer stuff. One of the bigger moments in my life(right after the first time I painted my first swastika on a ripped t-shirt in 1978) has to be when hearing GG on Boston. It was a totally new world. How the fuck did they manage to sound that fast? Still to this day I think the drumming of GG is hard to top.


The so called Dub song is Terrorize without vocals. So you need that one for the next karaoke night? Download this now cause: MP3 collectors are ungrateful pretentious assholes. Record collectors on the other hand are the sweetest and the most adorable persons in the world.


Country: USA
Year: 1984
Label: Taang!
Format: 7″
Sold Out.mp3

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  1. cat dirt says:

    taang! just re-opened their record store in san diego. it’s funny- i was just searching for taang stuff on this site yesterday and here it is…

  2. malfeitor says:

    This 7″ kills. So does the Boston, Not LA material. I remember buying the Skate To Hell 7″- ugh. The metal/rock trend pretty much destroyed all of the good Boston bands.

  3. E. says:

    Great 7″ – hasn’t lost a bit of its intensity over the years! I think some of the metal turnaround in Boston namely did work for an instant. Just take SSD’s “how we rock” 12″ which is incredible yet pretty much metal. And, umm, well – that was it, haha, no other record comes to my mind.

  4. CAMBOYANO says:


  5. dylan says:

    ripping. absolutley ripping.

  6. Senap says:

    Killer stuff!
    Loved the band when “This is Boston – Not L.A” came but I also liked the more metal-oriented stuff on “You’ve got it” (1986, was it?) Saw them in London when that album came out, together with Circle Jerks & Broken Bones, and that was a classic gig in my book.

  7. The Idler says:

    I’m pretty sure Gang Green were one of the bands who came over to London and played one of the great punk/hardcore whatever gigs at SOAS, University of London – I know my memory is *ucked these days but SURE I remember seeing them. Definitely remember seeing MDC at one of those SOAS gigs…..And some great UK bands as well.

  8. Rafael says:


    These songs are really amazing.

    Another one is 19th Hole. Someone have the lyrics?
    If yes, please send to midugno at

    Thanks! I will appreciate that

  9. Marcel says:

    I’ve lost this record and I’m glad to hear this great record again after more than 20 years. But I remember a Dub-Version of “Sold Out”. It’s a shame there’s no mp3 of this song on this side, the drumming on this version sounds more intense than on the vocal version (that’s how dub version works).

  10. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Don’t worry about the Dub version Marcel. It’s the exact same version but without vocals. No more no less.

  11. Erich says:

    Peter, the dub is actually “Sold out” (and not Terrorize) without vocals – and without guitar (which comes later fading in), plus they added some reverb to the drumming etc. I think it’s in fact the highlight of this 7″ – and the clear wax copy you got there is one of the later presses. The original was on black vinyl, with nicely printed sleeve. Other represses were on green wax. So much nerdism for today.

  12. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ops, sorry for the mix up. Still it’s the same take of the song.

    According to Curtis from Taang! this was released at the same. Which make the black wax with printed sleeve more common.

  13. Erich says:

    It’s definately a later press, Peter and both green and clear vinyl are way more common than the first press. I highly doubt there were only 100 of this made, I’ve seen it so often in the 80s. It was

    The song’s the same take, fer sure.

  14. choke on china says:

    fUckin’ shit yeah! B N LA is the most best comp ever imo.

  15. directhitmel says:

    one of my fave 7″s, have it on clear vinyl myself

  16. zach says:

    does the dub version have some vocals.

  17. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    “The so called Dub song is Terrorize without vocals.” from the post text.

    • zach says:

      ya i know but i have the preschool CD and i thought the bonus track was the Dub song. but that version has some vocals, like four lines of vocals. the guitar comes in late like Erich said above. and the song is Sold Out.

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