Die Kreuzen – Cows And Beer E.P. 7″


A classic that I like even more now then when I bought it. Strange isn’t it? Their firts LP is essential too then they went on a post punk/indie journy that lost me. But these tracks and the ones on the first volume of Master Tape are what counts in my opinion. Great thuging HC with a nice low budget production.

Here’s something for the emo kids:”You can’t go on much longer that way. You won’t go on much longer that way. You’re all too sane. It’s painful pain. It’s time you went insane. You will go insane. It’s always a painful day. In every fucking way.” -Pain.

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Version Sound
Format: 7″
By Die Kreuzen stuff from: http://www.tgrec.com/

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18 Responses to Die Kreuzen – Cows And Beer E.P. 7″

  1. E. says:

    That’s the way I want my rock to roll!

  2. Snyboh says:

    Yeah! Very punk.

  3. dylan says:

    this is another scorching searing eyeballs melting arc of the covenant slab o wax. good good good…. and i agree, the first LP is great too. not as good as this, though.

  4. john says:

    one of my all time favs, so unique, great vocals. I agree the lo-fi production sounds cooler than the better produced lp.

  5. timmy says:

    one of my top 10 hardcore 7″ ever!
    this thing is unreal.

  6. James B. Ricks, III says:

    …Wow. Many thanks to you all for posting these tracks. I grew up in Chicagoland and went to MANY hardcore shows there from ’78 onwards, and the boys from Rockford/Milwaukee never failed to put on a GREAT show. I never bought the vinyl of ‘cows & beer’ when it came out – BFH – so after searching for this off and on for a while, I was glad to find it.

    Thanks again Mucho.

    –St. Seamus Da Bastid

  7. Mike says:

    Funny story:
    I had been looking for this for about 18 years based on reputation. About 20 years ago the local hardcore radio show had a guy, with an amazing record collection, come in and guest host. He played some amazing stuff, but they were pretty lax about the play list. I taped the whole thing and so I had all these mystery bands that I loved but had no idea who many of them were. I now know one of the things played that night was the A side of Cows and Beer. It’s nice to get the other half finally.

  8. Purtle says:

    This e.p. is without a doubt one of the finest moments not only of punk or hardcore, but of American rock ‘n’ roll itself. ESSENTIAL!Actually, Version Sound was based here in the Dayton (OH) area and I ended up with all of proprietor Bob Moore’s remaining copies of this 7″ when he folded – about 30 or 40 of ’em. Yellow covers AND white covers. I actually traded them all to the guys at Toxic Shock records in Pomona, CA for a copy of Red Rockers’ first album, Venom’s first album, and a used three-row pyramid stud belt in ’84 because I’m an absolute goddamn genius. Kept one or two for myself, though, so it’s not a total loss…

  9. Erich says:

    Hahahaha – sorry Purtle, not laughing at you, but laughing with you. I too used to be a similiar genius when I sold or gave away for free Morbid Angel, Sleep or Infest records about 10-12 years ago until somebody told me that there’s a new generation of kids out there, paying big $$ for these. When I learned of eBay in 1999, it was a shock to me to see what people were willing to pay, though compared to the prices of today, it was nothing.

  10. Tony Slug says:

    For what it may or may not be worth to you hardcore punkologists : Die Kreuzen’s drummer Eric currently lives in Amsterdam, and runs a Restaurant at the MELKWEG (Milky Way). He, Mikey (Donaldson, from MDC, Offenders bla bla) and yours truly were gonna start something for fun, but that never came to pass, for obvious reasons.

  11. username says:

    if there is no link to the mp3s were they pulled down. If so, why? for server space? not busting balls, just wondering.

  12. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Not hard to guess why they got taken down when there´s a link to Touch and Go ;).

  13. Rev. Nørb says:

    My old band Suburban Mutilation played with Die Kreuzen the day they recorded “Cows And Beer” — they recorded it in the afternoon, then we played with them that night, which was Sept. 11th, 1982 if the flyer can be believed. Definitely a band at or near the height of their powers for the next year or so.

  14. b e h j a n says:

    Rev.Norb,so you were in DEPO PROPVERA aswell? I used to have the “Totally Useless” Lp. I am sure there are some (many?) people in this blog who would love to buy back-copies of your long-defunct fanzine “SICK TEEN” (if there were only a few left of a few issue´s…)
    Is the SUBURAN MUTILATION Lp still to get in shop´s around your town (Green Bay,still)?
    DIE KREUZEN´s song “PAIN” is sooo…aahh!!!

  15. LHOOQtius says:

    Die Kreuzen’s first album is indeed also incredible. The first two songs (Rumors and This Hope) are two of my favorite punk songs of all time. I find it perplexing that they went on to record utter garbage like the “Cement” album.

  16. bloodstains says:

    Barbarian Records out of Madison, wi. just reissued the single in a yellow or white cover.

  17. Beer City Skateboards and Records to reissue Die Kreuzen – Cows and Beer!


    Milwaukee’s BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to officlly announce the forthcoming official reissue of DIE KREUZEN historic, seminal Cows and Beer 7″ EP in a special remastered edition. This deluxe Cows and Beer format will feature much improved sound quality and will be pressed on four different colors of vinyl. In addition, a special limited – edition 12″ will be available that will exclusively offer the richest, most dynamic playback of this landmark hardcore classic yet. Both editions will be released April 19th 2014, to coincide with Record Store Day 2014.

    Download the press release PDF here

    Download the press release PDF here

    • Dewey Decimal says:

      hope the vinyl on the cows & beer 7 inches is a LOT better than the crappy dirty rotten 7 inch on beer city. sorry to be right of the decimal point, and I applaud you for reissuing these records, but I bought the dirty rotten re-issue, it was warped, returned it for a replacement, also warped, gave up. Was this a common problem or am I just extra lucky?

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