The Victims – Television Addict 7″

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Some records can be spinned 10 times in a row then you get somewhat tired of them. Then there are some rare ones that can be on repeat like forever. This is one of them.


It’s been posted elsewhere I know but here you get it once again. Who knows it may slipped between the chairs for some punk rockers. Everything about this record is perfect! From the handstamped sleeve to the primtive raw production and of course the excellent song writing.


Country: Australia
Year: 1977
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
Television Addict.mp3
Flipped Out Over You.mp3

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41 Responses to The Victims – Television Addict 7″

  1. pawel says:

    great record

  2. E. says:

    Great great great!!!

  3. Senap says:

    Great single!
    I thought that the singer sounded familiar and yes, he was.
    It was Mr Hoodoo Guru-Dave Faulkner’s first band (together with James Baker from the same band) Which by the way was a fave band of mine.
    “If it ain’t rockin’, don’t bother knockin'”

  4. Johan says:

    I got a re-release of this one and it’s great stuff. Hellacopters also did a version of Television addict but this one is better.

  5. Trucha says:

    I concur; I think Television Addict is a classic. They have another album or single I’ve never heard, which I think is entitled “Perth Is Culture Shock.” Have you heard it and, if so, is it any good?

  6. E. says:

    In the late 80s, a compilation with all VICTIMS recordings ever done (well) was released, it’s called “Not so quiet on the western front”. It’s a nice red vinyl LP and maybe somebody should rip this ….

  7. Degenerateen says:

    So classic! But they’re on every Australian punk history comp I own that it gets my kinda down. “Flipped Out Over You” will be stuck in my ehad forever.

  8. srini says:

    television addict is one of the most important punk records in my life – back in like 1985 i was a kid in poughkeepsie new york and a DJ played it on college radio (WVKR, vassar college). i happened to tape it, and i played it so much that when the tape broke i hounded them to find the record and play it again. sadly it was nowhere to be found, even when i went down to the station – probably was owned by the DJ, not the station. so years later i finally got the song off the “Murder Punk” compilation, this was maybe in 1998, and it’s been a mixtape staple ever since. this is the first time i’m going to be hearing the b-side as well as the other victims record. thank you killed by death !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. srini says:

    no i am serious, listening to this song again, this is the PERFECT punk rock song, it cannot be topped, it’s almost like religiously great. i just finished the book “infinite jest”, and the film in this book is hypnotic and renders its viewers paralyzed and they will cut their own fingers off in order to see it again. the lyrics of this song are like marshall mcluhan on crank. WE’RE NOT DUMB !!! !!! !!! !!!


  10. srini says:

    ok i couldn’t help it, had to do an acoustic cover


  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Love the drumming on that song!

  12. timmythepunk says:

    does anyone know the chords

  13. Michael says:

    great band

    great song

    this was the first band/track i posted

    it’s fun to listen to, and even more fun to play

    here you go Timmy (and everyone) – all of the chords and lyrics to Television Addict

    now go and make some fuckin noise!!

    Television Addict

    [play all D’s on 5th fret]

    D G F [Riff 1] (four times)

    D G F [Riff 1]
    I read the news the other day
    D G F [Riff 1]
    About a boy they threw away
    D G F [Riff 1]
    He went out and shot someone
    D G F [Riff 1]
    Like some Kojak teleplay

    He claimed he was confused
    Between fact and fantasy
    It seems he spent all of his time
    In front of the TV screen


    (He was a)
    D G F G [play G on 10th fret and F on 8th]
    Television addict (four times)

    The lawyers said this boy is sick
    Blamed the ratings for his crime
    They said too much sex and too much violence
    On the idiot box spoiled his idiot mind


    D G F G (four times)
    F G (six times)


    You and me spend all of our time
    In front of this window on the world
    Just because I watch Dinah Shore
    Doesn’t mean I need a facelift
    Doesn’t mean my mind has flipped
    Doesn’t mean anything

    (Adlib for a bit)


    [Riff 1]
    A ——-3–
    E -3–5—–

  14. RAY says:

    This record is so insanely great. But I reckon their 5 song EP that came out the year after is EVEN BETTER if you can believe it.

  15. pirateradionut says:

    Incredible song, but I already knew it. What surprised me was how good & fast “Flipped Out Over You” is. Great song, great single!

  16. Blenheim Shots says:

    Great record – geeez, this is real deep basement Aussie stuff! – the cover looks like it was hand-made on the drummer’s kitchen table! As good as Australis’s The Babeez or The Scientists I’d say -and that’s high praise indeed.

  17. Jay Thurston says:

    This record is so fucking great!! I seriously doubt if there are many records as great as this one. Television Addict is a perfect song.

    • Buttcheese says:

      Sing to the tune of The Addams Family.
      Your sister is your mother
      Your uncle is your brother
      You all fuck one another
      Jay Thurstons family
      DA DA DA DA
      BUM BUM…..Fag.

      • Jay Thurston says:


        • Buttcheese says:

          Yes Jay I am one of the stately queers of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I am Not a girly, I am Clem from up North ‘O’ Watford Gap and also Noah from the UK. I am a wanker. it’s true and for once I find myself agreeing with you. This record is indeed great. You are indeed a punk kind of guy as you are impervious to my vilest insults. I salute you sir, 3 cheers for Jay everyone! HIP HIP…HOORAY, HIP HIP….HOORAY, HIP HIP….HOORAY!!!!! God bless, Love and Kisses from everyone’s favorite HOMO, BUTTCHEESE……….

          • Jay Thurston says:

            You crack me up!! Hahahahaha…I think I have finally met someone with the same sense of humor I have! Mr. Buttcheese, thank you!!! You should look me up on Facebook…you are hilarious!!

  18. Blaine says:

    I love the victims.

  19. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Kind of high for a copy without sleeve?

  20. Niels says:

    Peter, I agree with you on the drumming, absolutely great in that typical Vibrators/staccato/sloppy way (I love how the snare rolls start one hit early, Vibrators-style!). If you wanna hear more, check out the Scientists’s early (1979-81) stuff; been listening to that a lot last week and thought the drumming sounded familiar… Well, turns out it’s the guy from the Victims!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Yeah the early Scientist is kinda neat. Some killer tracks in my book: It’s for real and Bet ya lyin’ but too many times they’re a bit too much “rock n roll”.

      • Stig Dangerman says:

        I like the Scientists but hate the profession. Forgive the old lefty slogan: “Science cut down the tree of knowledge and turned it into a truncheon.”

        Losing my train of thought (I am old), Television Addict is awesome in that it is quaint (and roars) and captures better times. Now everyone is addicted to Fagbook and those double anal iPud devices.

  21. plastic b says:

    Listening to Television Addict on repeat right now…

  22. Mick says:

    We are old and have been playing this a bit. Found you guys looking for lyrics. If anyone is still alive hit us up. Love your work here???

  23. gerry molyneaux says:

    anyone remember another great aussie band,XL CAPRIS.had a great 7″.

  24. Gimme Sopor says:

    one of the best ever….im looking for a copy of this or the no thanks to the human turd 7″ if anyone has one…originals only and will pay top dollar!

  25. Ricky Raw says:

    thanks again for this!
    “Television Addict” is also on the “Do The Pop! vol1” compilation.

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