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Another split post togheter with Erichs Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times! Here’s Texas Really Reds debute 7inch from 1979.


One of the few bands that manage the transition from a great punk rock band to an equally great HC band. Loud guitars and a tight hi hat upfront in the mix makes this irresistebale. All their stuff is classic except for their live ditty: Despise Moral Majority 7inch.


So enjoy this and then head over to Erichs post of their second 7inch: Modern Needs.


Ops! I just realised that Dressed For The H Bomb posted this too. But once again “someone” have speeded it up.


Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: C.I.A.
Format: 7″
Crowd Control.mp3
Corporate Settings.mp3

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  1. Rich says:

    By the looks of some of the latest comments on Erich’s site, you and him should start up a reissue label – your readers will fund it

  2. David in Houston says:

    Great band, saw them many times. Still wonder what happened to Ron after he moved to Seattle…

  3. Tony says:

    Really Red were such a fantastic band (er, except for that live EP and some tracks on their 2nd LP “Rest In Pain”). Their “Teaching You The Fear” LP is phenomenal, no two songs sound the same on it. U-Ron Bond was one of the best singers ever in a punk band. And the band was so tight. This “Crowd Control” 7″ is great, such loud guitars on both songs. BUT for my ears their follow-up 7″ “Modern Needs” is better. On it they sound a bit tighter and polished and at the top of their game. Well, I would have chosen a different B-side than “White Lies” for that 7″ though. There was a Really Red CD on Angry Neighbor that came out in ’93- it had most of their recorded output on it (sans the “Crowd Control” 7″, the “White Lies” 7″ version, and some cuts from the 2nd LP). Back in 1995, there was a classified in Maximum Rock n’ Roll of someone selling the CD that I bought a copy from. I believe it was U-Ron because he sent me a free extra sleeve for the “New Strings…” EP as well as the CD. I think the person selling it was in Seattle. A few questions- did the “Crowd Control” 7″ really go unreleased until 1987 or 1988? Also, I heard a rumor many years ago that the only reason this “Crowd Control” 7″ surfaced was because an old member (which one?) had a drug problem and needed some cash flow- can anyone confirm/deny this? Maybe just a nasty rumor. In 1994, I remember seeing the “Crowd Control” 7″ listed in one of those massive Subterranean Records catalogs for $10 (!). Of course I tried to get a copy but this was before the “information superhighway” was prevalent, so by the time I snail-mailed an order form to them they were sold out. Oh well.

  4. E. says:

    I don’t know if Crowd Control really wasn’t released until 87 or 88 – BUT I do remember very well that all of a sudden, this record was floating around! Ca. 85, one of my top wants was the “New Strings” 7″ which was tough to find back then. I used to communicate a lot with collectors and nobody ever mentioned the first two 7″s. Besides the 4th 7″, the “Despise Moral Majority” 7″ was known and the two LP’s – and that was it.
    In the mid 90s quite a batch of “Crowd Control” 7″s turned up (like it did with many other rare records! That’d be an interesting story to do soome research on!). That where I got mine from – a perfectly mint copy which cost me like 12$. “Modern Needs” was always the hardest to find, I think – in the 90s, it went to up over 300$. I traded mine for a Mets 12″ which was a good deal, I think.

  5. Tony says:

    Ah, thanks for the info. The first time I heard Really Red was in ’89 when “Modern Needs” was on KBD #4. So I would have missed out on when the “Crowd Control” 7″ started floating around a few years earlier. A mint copy for around $12 is great. Like I said, Subterranean had them for $10 but I missed out. I would have traded the Mets 12″ for a “Modern Needs” 7″ too. Interesting that the “New Strings” EP was tough to find in ’85 just a few years after it came out.

  6. Eric says:

    I think the “sped up” version may have been from Deep in the Throat of Texas reissue, but I can’t really tell the difference much. Great stuff, I’ve posted New Strings For Old Puppets

  7. malfeitor says:

    Eric is correct, that’s what I ripped it from. I’ll be interested to see if I notice a difference between the original and the reissue. Or maybe Peter just has really good ears?

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Just compare the two tracks and you’ll hear it :). The song length differs too.

  9. EddieFuror says:

    E, i noticed that too. I noticed the same with the New Strings EP. I got a perfect mint copy in the late 90s. I also saw mint copies of the Crowd Control ep.

  10. john y? says:

    I liked Really Red since let them eat jellybeans(what a great comp?) came out,25 years later and i own all of their stuff ‘cept the live 7″,I was surpised when i bought my modern needs for $30 a few years ago,New strings was about $20-but in the last few years all ushc has gone thru the roof,at least these are good records.

  11. john y? says:

    doh!i ment new strings for $30..i’m an adult fuck-up!

  12. john y? says:

    doh!i m giving up!

  13. LIC, NY says:

    Thank you for this! Heard “crowd control” on a comp (prob KBD) and just was amazed. Why is so much HC all 4/4 or 2/4? The brilliance of Void and other early hardcore bands with phrasing, not just simple riffs, is strangely lacking from most of the late 80s and 90s. I blame Metal.

  14. Johan says:

    Hello. I’m looking for the lyrics for teenage fuckup.
    Any one got any ideas?

    • e. williams says:

      ya, write bass player John Paul Wiliams in Fort Collins Colorado. All the guys are still friends. Clue how to find him, he is the redneck, Republican, gun tot’n NRA support’n real estate agent in Fort Collins Co. Drop him a line. I am sure he would love to hear how much you love Really Red. They are true punk, the real thing.

  15. tom kiersted says:

    i was in a little punk band in Houston in the late 70s – the degenerates. U-Ron Ronnie Bond – and to some extent Kelly Younger, Trish Herrera (MyDolls), and a few other 30-years-old-ish types took me – then just 16 – under their wings.

    I remember buying crowd control at ronnie’s record store when it first opened back in 79 (or really early 80?).

    He quit selling them before they were sold out and said that he thought it was a fatally flawed piece of shit.

    I TOTALLY disagree. Having opened for them dozens and dozens of times and seen them probably literally more than 100 times, that record captured a perspective on the band that no other recording does. If you can kind of mush it together with later records, you have a better picture of what they really sounded like.

    I LOVE the band, and so delighted to own all their vinyl. But still… I remember my girlfriend and me checking their set list to see when “Aim Tastes Good” was going to come on cuz we couldn’t wait… but it lost some of it’s vigor in the studio. I dunno. As good as the LPs and singles are, they completely blew them away every time they played.

    I wrote U-Ron a year or two ago…. after going broke opening a seattle record store, he worked at someone else’s for a while but then left… held odd jobs… currently he’s living a kind of a ‘back-to-nature’ existence on an island in the Sound and seems very happy and content.

  16. Jay Thurston says:

    They were definitely one of the greatest bands I have ever seen live! I agree with you…although the records are great, their live performances were incredible. Thanks for the update on U-Ron.

  17. behjan says:

    Wasn´t the 1st REALLY RED 7″ already had been recorded in 1978 ? Does the “New Strings For Old Puppets” come with an insert,at least partially?
    Hey Tom of DEGENERATES: “Slungy girl” is my fave from the 7″ep. I have the sleeve ONLY,not the actual record. The sleeve has hand-writings on the back-sleeve,description´s to each song!
    A few years back I spoke to Wade Driver,I guess it was even Mr.W.D.,sr! He was then living in Arizona if my memory serves well.
    And as EV Rec´s “Deep In The Throat Of Texas” compilation LP says in its liners: “REALLY RED ARE THE BEST TEXAS PUNK BAND EVER.PERIOD.”
    I think U-Ron has/had a myspace – site ?!

  18. Never seen a lyric insert with “New Strings”, but mine has a label add with some handwritten words on the back: “it was rainin when I came in”.

  19. CommonwealthPunk says:

    Anyone have the lyrics to this 7″? They came with the “Deep In The Throat Of Texas comp.”…Post em if you got em please.

  20. Hey all-
    Just so you know, Alternative Tentacles is working w/ the band on a discography release that will include a lot of unreleased/underreleased material, including some stellar-sounding live songs from 1980 that came from Jello Biafra’s personal collection.

    We digitized all of the original reels, and have added at least one reel of never-released early recordings.

    We’re also planning on releasing pretty much every song digitally as a bonus with the tracks that will be on physical format (we’ve got more than 3 hours of Really Red material- it’s financially impossible to release ALL of it on physical format). In other words, say we end up releasing 2 LPs worth of material- we’d add the songs that aren’t on those as a free digital download.

    Spread the word, Jesse

  21. Can anyone help me out with the lyrics to “Crowd Control?” i have no clue at all what the first line is. Let me know if the other lyrics are what you’re hearing as well. Would very much appreciate replies to my hotmail account (click on username.) THANKS. BTW–I love that the flip side is sung in a completely different style. It’s not too far away from being a freaking powerpop tune and I really dig it. Although I agree that the next single is even better — let that not detract from the fact that this is one fuck of a debut. Scott


    goes right through… you
    strike a chord… in you
    move, move, move… you

    while ignoring those people
    i was watching, watching, watching
    while ignoring those people
    i was watching you
    ignoring those people
    i was watching, watching, watching

    YOU pay the ticket
    YOU hey there, waitress
    YOU pay the ticket
    YOU hey there, waitress

  22. Ugh — not the username — it’s skilly + b at No spaces or plus signs. :)

  23. Fear my triple post. Just realized I omitted an entire verse (actually two since it’s repeated)

    and you don’t need no ????
    because you know they’re just for
    terminally bored
    and i don’t need no good advice
    from you
    because you’re out of touch (???)
    with crowd control these days

  24. T S-words says:

    I always thought it was “you pay their wages” rather than waitress in the chorus
    and it sounds like something about “saturday night something-or-others” at the beginning of the second verse.

    i’ve always wondered about the beginning, too, and hope someone will help out!

  25. Peter, I understand. Your English will always be leaps and bounds better than my Swedish. T S-words, thanks for chiming in. Your line “you pay their wages” makes more sense than what I was hearing — although I’m not sure I’m hearing it that way. It’s funny to me that the most mysterious line of all is the first one. Where’s U-Ron when ya need him?

  26. Holy moly I’m such a jackass — just realized that I have a vinyl copy of “Deep in the Throat of Texas” in my archives — will dig it up tonight and post the lyrics.

  27. I really am a jackass… all of this time I was feet away from the lyrics and didn’t realize it. CommonwealthPunk was correct — the lyrics are printed inside “Deep in the Throat of Texas.” And T-S Words was right as well — his ears hear lyrics better than mine. Here’s the lyrics to Crowd Control:


    Beat gets to you
    Let it go right through you
    Strike a chord in you
    It’s time to move move move you

    Ignore those people
    always watchin’ watchin’ watchin’
    What a bore, those people
    always watchin’ you
    Ignore those people
    always watchin’ watchin’ watchin’ you!

    Now you don’t need no Saturday night lessons
    Well you know those are just for terminal bores
    And you don’t need no good advice for you
    Are you out of patience with crowd control these days?

    You pay your ticket
    You pay the wages
    You pay the ticket
    You pay our wages
    You pay the ticket

    NOTE that the lyrics for “Corporate Settings” includes several “???”s which makes me think that these lyrics are Ryan Richardson’s best guess and not sourced from the original bands. That said, his guess is the best we’ve got right now. Despite getting royally trolled by the Uncalled 4, he did a really nice job on this LP — I forgot how much care and love went into this.

  28. Hey all-
    We’re still knee deep in reissuing a full discography of all Really Red studio recordings (including a few unreleased tracks) plus all vinyl releases.

    I saw the request for Crowd Control lyrics. These are direct from U-Ron. (He’s been typing out the lyrics for the Alternative Tentacles reissue)

    Crowd Control

    Beat gets to you
    Let it go right thru you
    Strike a chord in you (for you)
    It’s time to move move move you

    Ignore those people
    always watchin’ watchin’ watchin’
    What a bore those people always watchin’ you
    Ignore those people
    always watchin’ watchin’ watchin’ you.

    And ya don’t need no
    Saturday night lessons
    Cuz ya know those are just for
    Terminal bores (the totally bored)
    And ya don’t need no “good advice”
    for you
    Are ya out of patience with crowd control these days?

    You paid the ticket
    You pay the wages
    You pay the ticket
    You pay our wages
    You pay the ticket


    • Dear Jesse,

      I understand that the scientific nature of KBD witchcraft is contested in some quarters (i.e. by fucking pussies) but this subject has been talked about in a parking lot outside of a laboratory so it’s practically a college course now, where science is king.

      I must be blunt: there is of a curse on labels that put out Really Red records. Ronnie’s label CIA Records that originally put out the records went belly up (due to Ronnie’s rep I assume that he did it responsibly plus anyone who would risk putting out Culturcide’s “Tacky Souvenirs” LP deserves major respect). In the early 1990 the label Angry Neighbor re-issued the LPs as a CD and then faded into obscurity after a few other releases. The last kitten-who-lost-her-mittens and picked up this hot potato bare-pawed was Empty Records, right after rebounding from bizarre legal crap, reissued Really Red’s material on CD, then suddenly migrated south and died elephant style (i.e. covered in elephant dung) — to be fair, there was a Linda Ellerbee double whammy involved. I commend A.T. for tiptoeing through this previously uncharted minefield but your campaign is clearly hopeless. Give in to the hopelessly-statist trend, grow a mustache and move to Frisco (rhymes with Crisco.)

      While we’re on the subject of going belly up might I ask you about the current whereabouts of one pair of Alberti Brothers, particularly Frank, whose location is of interest to some associates in high standing (below the underground,) due specifically to an incident that seems to be of no concern to a nation completely full of state-fluffed motherfuckers but those with a sense of honor among thieves may like to know that these two Alberti bitches had no qualms about THROWING ONE’S MOTHER INTO A DUMPSTER which, if rewarded New-Year’s-Eve-BART-style, would be no shame, in fact a KBD victory over admiralty law. Certain parties who shall remain nameless were given advance notice about this grievous crime which will be overlooked if a dime is dropped. If one talks any plainer it could be mistaken as making a reservation at the inns.

      Say it out loud: I’m Blatz and I’m proud.

  29. Jesse says:

    Ha, thanks for the heads up on the curse! It looks like the reissue will be laid out this way:

    “Teaching You The Fear” LP+digital
    “Rest In Pain” LP+digital
    “New Strings For Old Puppets” LP+digital (all 7-inches, unreleased/barely released, and live tracks)
    “Teaching You The Fear” 2xCD with all of the above in one plastic package.

    Alberti? Hmmm…. I haven’t heard anything about them for a long long time. If I hear of anything I’ll let you know.

    Blatz back atcha!

  30. Brian says:

    I’m looking for lyrics to “I refuse to sing”. Our band, Raul’s Club Foot, are doing a tribute to Texas Punk 1978-1983. Anyone got ’em? Thanks!

    • Jesse says:

      We don’t have those lyrics in our reissue, sorry.

      On the plus side, we’ve manufactured the paper parts and have remastered half of the tracks. Jello should be done remastering the other half of the songs this month.

      Rock on, Jesse/AT

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