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Really Red – Crowd Control 7″

  Another split post togheter with Erichs Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times! Here’s Texas Really Reds debute 7inch from 1979.   One of the few bands that manage the transition from a great punk rock band to an … Continue reading

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Four Four(4/4) – All Wound Up 7″

  A recent find from Justin at That this haven’t been comped yet beats me. All Wound Up is a great Costelloesque powerpoper. But what really makes this record is the flip. Systematic is a killer! The farfisa and … Continue reading

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The Victims – Television Addict 7″

  Some records can be spinned 10 times in a row then you get somewhat tired of them. Then there are some rare ones that can be on repeat like forever. This is one of them.   It’s been posted … Continue reading

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Die Kreuzen – Cows And Beer E.P. 7″

A classic that I like even more now then when I bought it. Strange isn’t it? Their firts LP is essential too then they went on a post punk/indie journy that lost me. But these tracks and the ones on … Continue reading

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Nasty Facts – Drive My Car E.P. 7″

I’m trying out a new format for the postings. Maybe it will be even more fun for everybody as I try to scan most of the material related to the post. The pictures are also bigger! Most of you’ve probably … Continue reading

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