Definitivos – The Modern Dance E.P. 7″



This is a re-post from May the 24th 2006. Added more scans.


I know there’s some people from Belgium that are floating around in here so I hope they’ll kind enough to tell us a little about Definitivos. Rik Masselis(drums) from The Pigz can be found among the members. Anyone heard their later stuff?


Two killer tracks on a-side and a sucker on the b-side that I’ve posted since I know how eager you are to hear ALL the tracks no matter if I tell you how much it sucks.


Country: Belgium
Year: 1981
Label: DEAS
Format: 7″
The Modern Dance.mp3
Mister C.mp3
All I Know.mp3

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  1. dylan says:

    im not belgian, and i dont know any details, but those belgians made some good punk records…

  2. arno says:

    i dig the third track. a bit long maybe but still nice to hear it. thanks man.

  3. Leffe says:

    I’m Belgian but don’t know much of Definitivos.Their later stuff was more wave e.g. Courtrai Tonight 7″.
    They were from the same town as the Pigz.The Pigz 12″ would be a nice post.Never heard it ‘cos it’s so damn rare.

  4. Harry says:

    I thought I saw the Pigz 12″ posted on a blog site…maybe not, cuz my search turned up empty!

  5. Cis says:

    Hi guys!
    Well, I’m from Flanders (Belgium) and I (still) live in Kortrijk, the town Definitivos came from. I was a deejay when this 3-track 7″ was hot and I played it over and over!!! 3 great songs, but underproduced (as were most of the indie-records in Flemish Belgium back then) and in terrible Flemish-English… BUT GREAT FUN!!!!!
    They released some stuff after this but nothing interesting I’m afraid…
    BTW : this 7″ is very rare now and usually fetches about 50 EUR on eBay (the Japanese buy them!!).
    (Mister C)is

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for the comment Cis. Well for “underproduced” I think that is what makes it great. So called “good” produced records usually suck anyway. I mean just listen to Bad Religion these days and compare it to How Could Hell…

  7. E. says:

    DEATH TO FALSE BLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. h-bomb says:

    what a great record!

  9. Rik says:

    I was the drummer of Definitivos. I’d like to thank KBDrecords for posting our record, it was a welcome surprise to see that after 25 years there are still people interested in our music. So if you guys have any questions about the band or the records we’ve made, just shoot!

  10. Tim S. says:

    Hi Rik! So you where in the PIGZ aswell??

    So IS there an recorded, unreleased Album somewhere?????????????????
    (I read it on some compilation notes…)

    all the best

  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for stoping by Rik and glad you enjoyed the post of your band :).

  12. Rik says:

    Hi Tim! I was in the P.I.G.Z. indeed. We have recorded a demo of the song “School”, but it was never released, and I’m afraid the tape of that recording is lost. I know that somebody was trying to bring out a P.I.G.Z. album with some live-tracks and a few demo-songs, but I don’t know if the album is out actually. With Definitivos we recorded a few songs after our second single (Courtrai tonight / Take over) but these were also never released, because we changed the line-up of the band. Later on we have recorded a 12inch (Sight-seeing / Bilateral deals / Besse).

  13. Tim S. says:

    OK, thank you Rik!
    all thest

  14. Tim S. says:

    Arghh- ”all the best“, I wanted to write!!!

  15. Yeah! Thats the stuff! says:

    Great, great music. A specially “Mister C”. “When in Belgium”id like to promote another great constalation: “Tc-Matic” Dont know if they´r still active. Made some twisted tracks back in the eighties though. “Que Pasa” is one that comes to mind. Check them out!

  16. Rik says:

    T.C.Matic made a number of albums. When the band stopped their singer Arno started a solo-career. He is still very succesful in Belgium, France and the Netherlands… T.C.Matic has released a double cd, called ‘Compil Complet’ where you will find their best tracks.

  17. dj PiL says:

    Hi All,
    TC in TC Matic stands for “Tjens Couter”, a weird band that Arno Hintjes and his friend Paul Couter had in the late 70’s. If you can catch any of these recordings, you will be amazed! I heard from a insider (I made the Ultimate Collection Vaya Con Dios DVD) that there will be a “Arno” release in the nearby future with some Tjens Couter songs as a bonus. So keep looking up.
    I think I know somebody with a undamaged PIGS 12″ release. Problem is to find that guy. If i find it, then i will put it on the net.
    I live in Kortrijk and it was one of the most productive and creative areas in the late 70’s and the early 80’s. A lot of bands and interresting personalities were born here. Remind Peter Decuyper, founder of 55, FUSE and I LOVE TECHNO.
    Remind Xavier, the one and only punk with an attitude on the street and in the PIGS.
    We all were resident dj’s at a club named “ON THE BEACH”: me, Xavier (bass in PIGS)and Lucien singer of the DEFINITIVOS.
    Those were the days…;)
    There was also a cafe (pub) called “21” the first PUNK cafe in Belgium i think, they came from far to visit that place > even Arno. It was there that we discovered a lot of vinyl and music, pure magic.

  18. CourtraiTonight says:

    I live in Kortrijk too. When I was a teen I visited “21”, The Shake and Limelight. The beginning of the ’80’s was a very fruitfull period for punkmusic in Kortrijk, but over the years things watered down a lot. However recently I spotted Lucien wearing a shirt that said “Courtrai Saves The P.O.G.O.Z.”. Apparently he is setting up some new musical project. Has anyone information about this ? The name POGOZ seems interesting enough to know more about all this…

  19. Rik says:

    Hi Courtrai tonight,
    If you visited 21, The Shake and Limelight in the 80’s, then I’m sure we’ve met there, because these were the places where we used to hang out. Also “De Stovebuze” where we rehearsed with the P.I.G.Z.
    I don’t know anything about a new project from Lucien, because I haven’t seen him in years. But I’m also curious to find out what he’s up to.
    I have to correct dj PIL when he referes to Xavier as the bass-player of the P.I.G.Z. Xav was the guitar-player, Marc was on bass ,Yves the singer, and this guy here on drums

  20. CourtraiTonight says:

    Marc was indeed the bassplayer in the PIGZ and after the PIGZ he moved on to The Systems (?) who released one 7″ I guess. Years later he played in a sixties punk band Midnight Men who released two albums and a few singles. After that he retired I guess.

    So Rik what about your musical involvement nowadays?

  21. Rik says:

    My musical involment nowadays ? After Definitivos we released an album as The Whydads. Guess you knew that.
    You could say I have retired as well, but I have to admit that every now and then I feel the shivers and wouldn’t mind to play in a band again. You know what they say about an old fox….

  22. dj PiL says:

    “Let’s get together” Rik, I would say, there’s still enough room left for good music. “An old fox can’t learn new things”, so let’s make again some good punkrock and be the godfather of a re-born punkscene. The world would be better of with a new bunch of “rebels” acting against the establishment.
    I’m always interested in a new project, contact me if necessary.
    Lucien, as far as a know, isn’t busy with a new project: his health wouldn’t allow him too. He had some serious problems with his health over the last years. Now and then I see Lucien on the soccerpitch of KV Kortrijk, but only in the summertime, when the weather is fine.
    And indeed, Xavier played guitar in the P.I.G.Z,
    there’s a litlle 25 years gone since then and my memory isn’t always following me, excuse me for that.
    “21”, “Shake”, “Limelight”, “Stovebuise”, a lot was going then, (I dj all those places) and just as you Rik, sometimes it’s shivers and I wanna do something, but I always thinks; ‘you old bastard’, be quiet an be old, there’s nowbody feeling the same as you, so shut-up. Rik, drop me a line if you wanna try to get back on those rails of music…!

  23. Rik says:

    Hi dj Pil,
    What a relief to find out I’m not the only nostalgic bastard in this area. 25 years have passed indeed, but I truly believe we can still kick some ass! Here’s the idea : I doubt if I still would have the drive to begin with a complete new repertoire, but wouldn’t a punk-coverband be a damn good thing ? I mean you could bring back to life all those classics by The Ramones, The Clash , Eddie & the Hot Rods, The Undertones, The Damned, The Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, etc….and what the hell, why not the new generation like Green Day or Jimmy eat world, Blink 182, Sum 41, Puddle of Mud…
    Anyway, I still play on my drumkit every now and then, but what kind of instrument do you play, and how do we get in touch ?

  24. Bisounourse says:

    Stuff by P.I.G.Z. is out on a bootleg called Bloodstains Across Belgium, and this one is quite easy to get.
    More info:

  25. dj PiL says:

    Hi Rik,
    You can contact me off-list by mailing too
    I’m always in the surroundings of Courtrai, so feel free to mail me, so we can meet. And maybe we gone kick asses all around…would be nice these days.
    Happy Newyear to all of y’o musiclovers.

  26. Ping pong punk says:

    Guitar and vocals here… living in centre of Courtrai now and quite some band experience. All geared up… haven’t played for a couple of years but the itching is getting unbearable… From your time era, so a few sexy grey hairs appearing hahaha!
    Mail me

  27. dj PiL says:

    I didn’t know a punk called Ping Pong Punk in the late 70’s, early 80’s…….??!
    Mail me, grey hairy sports-punk ass; or F***OFF.
    Mmmm, I still have that touch…when meeting Mister Nice Guy’s and false 21 suckers ;-(

  28. PPP says:

    My dearest dj PiL;
    I was there in the early eighties and paid my dues. Played in some local bands and then moved on to a lot less local stuff.
    And don’t let appearances fool you… I ain’t too much of a Mister Nice Guy. Why the fuck would I wanna be ?
    And check that mailbox of yours soon PiLman ;)

  29. Frank Frans says:

    Greetings to my buddy Rik. I was the bass player
    with Rik in Definitivos & Whydads. I’m amazed reading all this stuff here. I certainly can confirm that there’s a lot of Definitivos nostalgia is going on. Resident DJ’s in De Kreun (now Limelight) have them on quite often on their setlist. I’m still looking fot the blooodstains CD 1 featuring MR. C. Where could I find it ?
    As for Lucien, check out “Den Bras” anytime, he will be there. And Rik and Mr Pingpong, if you really want to jam some punk covers… I’m your man.

  30. Rik says:

    Hi Frans,
    Pleased to hear from you after all these years. It was a surprise for me aswell to find out that Definitivos are still hot. It gave me the desire to play again, and yes I’d love to be in a band jammin’ with you, let’s say “for old time’s sake”.
    We should get together one of these days, along with Ping Pong Punk and djPIL, and see where it will lead us

  31. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Guess I have to start a private forum for you Defenitivos guys ;).

  32. Rik says:

    Dear Flakes//Drummer,
    No need to start a private forum for us. However all credits to you to bring us back in the spotlights, and who knows what’s coming next. We’l keep you informed.
    Thanks man

  33. djPiL says:

    I’m looking forward to meet you guy’s and to discuss all our bright/bad ideas related to punk/music and future performances around this issue.
    Especially P.P.Punk ;)
    And to everybody involved in this blog-item: all my love and keep up the good work, we’ll be back…

  34. Rik says:

    Hi djPil,
    Check your mailbox pretty soon, PP Punk the same to you, and Frans don’t call me, I’ll call you.
    By the way, I think I have the adress of a guy who can get you “Bloodstains from Belgium 1”.
    See you guys soon

  35. Sieur du Roue says:

    In july 2007 the new Band The P.O.G.O.Z. will be playing music from a.o. the PIGZ and The Definitivos, for celebrating 30 year of punk. We are now rehearsing in Kortrijk. The Pogoz is formed by original members of The Definitivos, Vergane Glorie, Dene and Zerelli, etc.

  36. Johan says:

    I live in Kortrijk as well, have seen the PIGZ around 1980 in La Verna Izegem. A friend was studying PK at VTI Kortrijk at the time and knew the band. Great punk-times we had. Found an mp.3-recording of ‘School’ years ago at Napster. One of my favourite songs all time. I thougt Definitivos had also a song named ‘Courtrai tonight’ , which was great, but never found it. Keep up doin’ the good work. See forward to the show in july – send me some details if possible.

  37. The Blue One says:


    Late 80’s/early 90’s Xavier played in No Tomorrow Charly a noisepunk combo, that still exists but doesn’t play much anymore.
    Xav ain’t a member anymore unfortunately since he jumped off a roof almost 15 years ago now.
    PIGZ singer Yves was the source for the new PIGZ comp. But since he’s mad as hell and doesn’t know what he decided the day before, it’s not gonna see the light of day soon.
    He’s also rumored to have a box of unplayed PIGZ 12″s that were given to family during the days of release and are now one by one returning to him.

    For who might be interested I’ve got a spair “Modern Dance” 7″ for sales. Offers are welcome.
    I can be contacted through my Discogs profile.

    And let that POGOZ gig come to Gent ;)

  38. holvoetj says:

    Well what do you know ! I went googling for the Definitivos never expecting to find anything and here I am. The reason I went looking is because I used to have the 12-inch Sight-seeing / Bilateral deals / Besse. Of course after moving house 3-4-5 times I have no clue where it could be. Anyone know where I could get a copy ?

  39. Sieur du Roue says:

    On 14 juillet 2007 , The P.O.G.O.Z. will be playing in Kortrijk, near café Den Bras. Check our website which will be updated soon with live footage from rehearsals, lyrics and merchandising. Spread The Word and spread the Virus.

  40. Sieur du Roue says:

    “Courtrai Tonight” 14 juillet 2007, the P.O.G.O.Z. will be playing at 22:00 hrs, outside the Bras (near Station). The Keyboardman has already left the group and will not be on stage.

  41. Peter says:

    Jo de mannen!

    Rik and Frans,
    Odd how we finally meet again (credits to the man who posted this thread in 1981).
    Indeed, the Def’s are hot again.

    I think midlife-crisis has reached us all. I recently picked up my guitar again and even bought some new gear. Are you still playing? Lucien apparently is. Have you seen him on Coutrai Tonight? I just learned about it, so I wasn’t there.

    And where’s Marnix hiding?
    Anyway, let me know.


  42. Peter says:

    by the way, is there anyone out there who has articles and/or photographs of the Definitivos?
    Of all the gigs we did in the early eighties, I only have one photograph.
    So, I would be much obliged if someone could provide me any stuff related to the band.

  43. Sieur du Roue says:
    shows clips and pictures of The P.O.G.O.Z. at Courtrai Tonight om juli 14th 2007

  44. Peter says:

    Yeap, I ‘ve seen the videos.
    Bad quality, though.
    Lucien still “punks”.
    And with Paul, I played in my first band ever.
    we had a great time … for a while however!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Kersttoernee the P.O.G.O.Z. vrijdag 21 december DuDu Heule; zaterdag 22 december Schuiferskapelle(21u30) en Wevelgem (Zummies 22u30)

  46. pogoz says:

    Kersttoernee the P.O.G.O.Z. vrijdag 21 december DuDu Heule; zaterdag 22 december Schuiferskapelle(21u30) en Wevelgem (Zummies 22u30)

  47. Anonymous says:

    who cares?

  48. Dirk says:

    Hi Rik and Frans,

    Finally also found my way to this forum. You guys aren’t mentioning the Relatinos yet. You should. Judging from what I read here there will be a huge interest in your new band. Don’t forget to mention the upcoming gig. Would be interesting to go see P.O.G.O.Z. with Lucien as well. Keep me posted on findings about their upcoming gig(s).

    Going back to P.I.G.Z. : until now nobody mentioned the LP 1st Belgian Punk Contest on which 2 P.I.G.Z. tracks are featured (School and Stooges). Of course, Stooges later also featured on the 12″, together with Bloody Belgium and Shall I. All of which I have in my possession.
    Your memory playing tricks on you Rik? Both you and I were there when School was played at the 1st Belgian Punt Contest in Brussels. I am surprised you mention the demo but not the LP.
    And what about the demo we recorded in Waregem, late 77? I think I still have a copy of that one too here.

  49. Pogoz says:

    Ha, Dirk, can we get a copy of the 77 demo ? Which songs did you record ?

    Tsjek us at

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