Definitivos – The Modern Dance E.P. 7″



This is a re-post from May the 24th 2006. Added more scans.


I know there’s some people from Belgium that are floating around in here so I hope they’ll kind enough to tell us a little about Definitivos. Rik Masselis(drums) from The Pigz can be found among the members. Anyone heard their later stuff?


Two killer tracks on a-side and a sucker on the b-side that I’ve posted since I know how eager you are to hear ALL the tracks no matter if I tell you how much it sucks.


Country: Belgium
Year: 1981
Label: DEAS
Format: 7″
The Modern Dance.mp3
Mister C.mp3
All I Know.mp3

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  1. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Maybe you guys shall get each others email addresses?

  2. Rik says:

    Ain’t it funny ? I thought it was about time to tell about our new band called Relatinos, and look who beat me to it : my old pal Dirk. Well hi there.
    Anyway, we are back in the saddle. We = Frank Frans, Dee Jaywalker and myself all members of Definitivos + El Diablo, a debutant – singer with bad manners.
    We will make our first public appearance at the Vlas Vegas -festival on May 11. So check us out there if you are interested.
    Once again, I’d like to thank the Flakes//drummer for keeping up the good job here, and without who we probably wouldn’t have gotten back into this.
    By the way Dirk, I do remember everything you mention. If you really have a copy of the P.I.G.Z. demo, please hold on to it,I don’t want to see it in somebody’s hands for the wrong reasons.

  3. P.O.G.O.Z. says:

    who is El diablo ? When en where do you play at Vlas Vegas

  4. The Pogoz says:

    Relatinos saturday may 3rd at Boscorock; Sunday may 11th at Vlas Vegas Sinxen. We will film you guys !

  5. xeno says:

    i was a great fan of the definitivos really nice to hear it again thanks, your bring me back to the early 80’s nice time ..en remember punks not dead!

  6. ron says:

    Vandaag de 3 track maxi van P.I.G.Z (met stooges/bloody Belgium/Shall) gevonden op klein rommelmarktje in Zepperen (Limburg) Plaat en Hoes (plastic met opschrift) in MINT conditie… Vroegen aan verkoper wat ze moest kosten, hij haalde zijn madam erbij (want die “kende” iets van muziek…) haha, toch ni veel blijkbaar want voor 2 € mochten we ze hebben… soms heeft ne mens zo nog wel is ne “lucky day”!!

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ok, låter bra grabben. Nästa gång kan du väl skriva på finska?

  8. Pupulon says:

    Nice to see so many of the Belgian pioneers getting together. I’m researching for a book on Belgian punk – from P.I.G.Z to PiAS, so to speak – with interviews from musicians, journalists, and other scene-makers. Anyone who’d like to talk to me about the Courtrai scene, the ’21’ and others, please get in touch:
    All the best, and great work on the blog!

  9. Pol Demeyere says:

    Hi, i was a small dealer in that time, and i lived toghether with Luc Callawaert (singer of Defiinitivos) in a punk-community. Luc was one of our first punks in Kortrijk and he is still hanging round there. Our scene was destroyed by the cops (to much drugs) but we had a fantastic time anyway. For a few the story ended in the ‘Sid-and Nancy’-way.
    That was a long time ago, dude. The revolution is over anyway. Back to slavery!

    • Peter says:

      Ha, de Pol

      another survivor
      I hope all is well

      fuck society and as a matter of fact, fuck all the rest too!
      I’ve lost all faith in humanity during the past years

      just play along, but play smart
      that’s what I try to do, anyway


    • heinz ryckoort says:

      Polle, it’s all in the mind.

      the revolution, freedom, slavery ,…
      are all creations off the mind.Take control of your mind and you have control of your live.
      I think Punks never Die !!!!! met de nadruk op punks and not punk.

  10. Hans Verbeke says:

    You forgot to mention the Punkpub ’21’…I was the youngest visitor back in the early days, being 12 years old…had to hide in the fridge when the cops came in. Still remember a lot of Definitivos shows and both the 7″‘s are still in my collection…still doing my thing for the last 15 years in a hc band and we toured half of the globe…great shit.


  11. Jürgen says:

    The Modern Dance, Mister C and the back side All i know. I spend years looking for this songs, i have sutch great memorys about thes single because when i started with my love “Hilde” in august 1981 it was the song that was most played on the jukebox in are favorit cafe ” Kroontje” in Roeselare, now, today i found this 3 tracks on the net and we are very happy because with this songs a lot of memorys are coming back, ps after 28 years we are still togheter and have 2 beautiful daughters

  12. Peter says:

    Definitivos are together again!
    Lucien, Frans en Rik together with Dee Jaywalker, who joined the Definitivos after Lucien and me left the band in (I believe) 1983.

    I look forward to their oncoming gigs.

  13. Dans Horsens says:

    We say thanks for this great site about the Definitivos.
    It´s fantastisk to see someone that takes the time to make quality work.

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