Sgt. Arms – Walking On The Roof 7″



This is a re-post from March the 26th 2006. Added more scans and Caught In Traffic.


I don’t know HOW many times I’ve listen to “Walking On The Roof”. 100? 145? After hearing the song over at the poppunkmod site I got obessed of tracking the 7″ down.


I found it about 1 1/2 year ago and haven’t seen another copy since. The B-side is ok but nothing for punks with a weak heart. Though “Walking…” exceeds the ultimate song lenght of 1:32 to a symphonic lenght of 3:51 I still love it!


Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Active Duty
Format: 7″
Walking On The Roof.mp3
Caught In Traffic.mp3

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  1. murdermissle says:

    These guys came outta Nashville, one the members was in a Jam like band around 1982-83 they were quite popular here, check em out if ya can….

  2. murdermissle says:

    they were called the Practical Stylists..

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for the info! Any links about Practical Stylists to share?

  4. Ralph says:

    Sgt. Arms was from Bowling Green, Ky. Bill Lloyd was a member of the 2nd version of Practical Stylists.

    Bill’s site:

    Practical Stylists (original lineup):

  5. Bill Lloyd says:

    For anyone interested, I set up a My Space page for Sgt. Arms

  6. malfeitor says:

    Typically I agree that most songs could be a lot shorter than they are. I’m curious how you arrived at 1:32? Is this a scientific study conducted by KBD labs or just experience talking?

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha I’m glad you asked! It’s of course by lenghty studies and experiments at the KBD lab I’ve come up with these results. 1:32 is the ultimate length. Close to it is 1:36. Then sometimes 0:54 seems to be a good lenght but mostly for HC.

  8. randy says:

    Incredible stuff!!!!

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