Western Hysteria – Computer Love 7″



It amazes every time there’s a band I never heard of or heard before streams into my ears for the first time. Why the fuck haven’t anybodie told me about this one? Now tell me! Ok I know if I managed to keep ahead with all the comps beeing released I could’ve heard this years ago on England Belongs To Me Vol. 2.


What can I tell you about this absolutly essential killer record? Nothing! Ha ha again! Yeah that’s right folks. Found it on some peoples want lists that’s all. Enjoy this for the weekend.


Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Swerve
Format: 7″
Computer Love.mp3
Moving Target.mp3

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  1. James says:

    I knew this from EBTM, wasn’t that impressed to be honest. The B-side sounds good though.

    ‘Edible’? what’s it taste like?

  2. Hairy Palm says:

    Hey man, do you know Twisted Sisters`s We´re Not Gonna Take it? It´s equally equal Moving Target.

  3. randy says:

    Two smashing tracks! Thanks for making this available.

  4. CORPUS 77 says:



  5. behjan says:

    this sounds kinda like swiss band EXPO

  6. Graham says:

    I played keyboards on these tracks (well down in the mix as you an hear). I always thought that Moving Target was the better track, but Ronnie and Tug, the singer and guitarist, wanted to feature a brand-new song so Computer Love became the A side. Nice to hear them again!

  7. behjan says:

    have you checked detour records BORED TEENAGERS website?? do it!!

  8. Tony says:

    Is the above posting from none other than Behjan Mirhadi? If so, how’s it going man? We haven’t chatted in years- this is Tony Azu-Popow in Chicago. Hit me off list at azupop-at-yahoo-dot-com if you get a chance.

  9. b e h j a n says:

    MAN, I should have kept my copy…Its the kind of stuff many people think its a “good” record at the best and I find it “brilliant”.

    If you have that Swiss EXPO (ex-NASAL BOYS) album of 1978 and this WESTERN HYSTERIA 7″:listen to both and I would be interested if I am wrong with my comparision that they both sound (accidentally,I am sure) similar (the comparision I made almsot 3 years ago -see above).

    if you read this:
    can you please post if you have had recorded more songs and if you have still one copy for sale:) Your biography wouldn´t be bad,either:))

    At the time “England Belongs To Me” Lp vol.2 (in the late 1990´s) was released,I remember some copies of this 7″ were floating around.
    Bought one and sold it 2 years later -for reasons unknown…

  10. ronnie fixe says:

    hello. its me back from the dead. anybody who wants info on western hysteria, e-mail me ronnyrudd@hotmail.co.uk.

  11. Sambson says:

    File under general info:
    Okay KBD, I’ve been to your site enough times to have a glimmer of hope that you can help me; as it seems this site is populated by experts in this era and genre of music. There’s a song that I only remember from this period, but have never owned a copy of. I can’t believe it; but my 45 year old ass recalls some of the lyrics (20 years later). Here goes.

    The tune was fairly dominated by the guitar, which had some cool riffs and a ‘shrieking’ part (played up near the bridge) when the guy sings “SCREAM!” The tempo is about 130 bpm.

    One of the verses went something like; “(lyric I can’t remember)___ …but it was so real to me, pressed my face against the window and it looked right back at me, I went into the backyard to the outhouse late at night, felt a ___ brush my shoulder and I turned around in fright”

    then the chorus went, “What did you SAY, Say, say (say, say)…was it a Ghost?” At which point the guitar played a five note riff.

    There was another part near the end where he says “Opened mouth and ready to SCREAM!” At which point the guitar does the ‘shrieking’ thing. and then as the band plays to the end there’s a conversation about the ghosts.

    If this rings a bell with anyone please post your ideas.

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