Helmettes – I Don’t Care… 7″



Do I need to tune the bass? No, cause we don’t care what the people say. Then we borrow the famous “rrrrr” accent from Rotten to make it sound punk. And punk it sounds. Incredible great punk too. Raw and enthusiastic. Two blasting tracks that actually makes we wanna pogo, spit on the band and strangle my mates.


One of the Top 10 from 1978. On the same label as Mecano Ltd posted earlier. From Holland and reformed some years ago: Helmettes. It’s full moon and that makes me tired so I stop here.


Country: Holland
Year: 1978
Label: No Fun
Format: 7″
I Don’t Care What The People Say.mp3
Half Twee.mp3

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  1. E. says:

    YES SIR, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Helmettes says:

    It’s my own “rrrrr”, had before I ever even heard Mr. Rotten. Can’t loose if I tried. Would make me sound like a fake. Thanx for the complements though. B.T.W. Guitar player also played on Mecano records and God’s Heart Attack, on the same, No Fun, label. Visit http://www.helmettes.nl/ and/or http://www.myspace.com/helmettestunes for more Helmettes fun.

  3. h-bomb says:

    bastard…you’ve got it!
    anyway, they didn’t reform, thats just another of those stories to keep the myth going. they did do a performance on some alternative comedy tvshow about a year ago. it was horrible, like if they hadn’t had any practice since they recorded this single. and thats why it rocked!!

    check their horrible website, and dont believe a word…: http://www.helmettes.nl/halftwee.htm

  4. Helmettes says:

    Don’t believe what?

  5. Tony Slug says:

    Stacks and stacks of this 45 could be found in cheapo bins for YEARS at 10 (TEN) cents a pop.

    That’s about $ 0.05

  6. Martin says:

    Way too few comments for this master piece here! This is one of the best records ever! If Tony Slug picked up a bunch of copies of this one back when they were cheap he could do a fortune today.

  7. Dewey Decimal says:


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