Flag Of Democracy – Love Songs E.P. 7″



Buzzaw guitar sound, Jelloish vocals and great song writing. I really don’t think James McMonagle tried to sound like Jello. He just happened to sound that way. Ahhh that yo yo yo yo middle part in Powerload give me shivvers everytime. Too bad the LP that came after this didn’t live up to the quality of this debute record.


Inside the sleeve one of the guys have written:”Only four more covers to do!!” and then there’s a nice drawing too. What a relief after hand glueing 500 sleeves. Classic US HC with a unique sound folks.


FOD on Myspace.
FODs homepage.


Country: USA
Year: 1984
Label: Speed Of Sound
Format: 7″
Meat Factory.mp3
Guidance Counselor/Metamorphosis.mp3
Love Song.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Flag Of Democracy – Love Songs E.P. 7″

  1. E. says:

    Yodel-core at its very, very best!!!!!

  2. wpw says:

    This is a really good, vastly underrated, record and band. I’ve always noticed the Jello style vocals too.

  3. Franz says:

    Classic Philly band made famous by a line at the end of a Dead Milkmen song “I’m going to the hardcore show to see F.O.D.” Thanks for posting.

  4. OTTO says:

    i grew up in the wasteland of suburban Philadelphia, not far from Ardmore (hometowon to FOD)… they were a local band I saw fairly often before heading off to college the yeat begfore this was released. My copy has a blue cover… Liked, but never loved these guys (it was the Jello-ish vocals that always got me).

    One one of their releases there is a spoken word intro that end with ‘… you can all stop circle dancing… the Ardmore assault is on…” I thougt it was this 7″. Can anyone help this old man’s memory…

  5. OTTO says:

    Shit, my typing was horrible on that comment… I need to proof read!

  6. neek says:

    yo Otto– that song was from the first flipside comp with the spoken word beginning. there are two other songs you might remember from the “we’re doing it ourselves” or whatever philly comp LP that came out in 83 or something.

  7. Anonymous says:

    …Fastest Band in the Land.

  8. blinky says:

    I bought my copy — a green one — off a band member after a show at Long March hall in Philly. They killed that night!!!

  9. Friends Of Decency says:

    These filth mongers should be exported to sudan. Still, this 7″ is the best 10 min of my life. Try to post the bonus tracks from the german re-issue (suburban cowboy and murder castle) as well as the comp track from Positive Force records “another shot for braken” thanks :)

  10. roughandtumble says:

    This 7″ was okay, but i still prefer the “Shatter Your Day” LP and the “23” LP. Shatter Your Day is the catchiest, thrashiest, punk music ever laid to wax.

  11. esseJ says:

    I love FOD!

  12. Rob says:

    I prefer ‘Shatter Your Day’ too, wilder

  13. what a great 25 year old record! mine is in very good condition, unfortunatley I need to sell it. more infos on my blog, contact me if interested.

  14. elliott says:

    fuck yes! thanks so much. f.o.d rules!

  15. b e h j a n says:

    Otto,is it you who get a credit in their lyrics-insert?

  16. crippled kid says:

    “powerload” made me smash a glass on the floor

  17. Kuhlcher Korner says:

    Saw this band in Pensacola, Florida back in 1986….great performance!

  18. dmnk says:


    FOD took HC to another level for me.

  19. Marko says:

    Incredible fast hardcore with great vocals. Bought it back in ’84 and got a blue one.

  20. marco says:

    i picked this up in ’94 at a record fair. mine had “boy george is gay” hand written on the inside!

  21. I am I says:

    Does anyone have more fod lyric sheets?

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