NiteOwl aka Adam Wilson real name Mike Rush

You’ve noticed the little rascal haven’t been posting here lately. Cause of his rude behaviour I just had to block him. He was fun for awhile then he just didn’t knew when to stop. Someone got his eBay ID deleted: septicnecro. I wish I was the one who got him out of eBay but it wasn’t. Who ever got him out of there is a hero to me.


Today I got the good news that he’s finally banned from the excellent How’s Your Edge trading board after writing totally false acusations about me with no links to this site. He used to go under the name of Adam Wilson with the email adress: As you can see he’s now gone: knock knock anybody home? If you search for “adam” you can find his cached page.


Happy Halloween everybody. Yeah even to you Adam Wilson real name Mike Rush.

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19,170 Responses to NiteOwl aka Adam Wilson real name Mike Rush

  1. E. says:

    I just lit a candle for him.

  2. Laika says:

    Mike Rush, Adam Wilson, septicnecro, niteowl is back on eBay selling his dirty bootlegs:

  3. Niteowl says:

    Hey Laika! that isn’t me, you fool!
    peter, you can never ban me! I’ll return whenever I feel like it!

  4. Niteowl says:

    Why don’t one of you step up and say you’re the one who got me banned from Hows Your Edge! You won’t because you’re a bunch of spineless roaches! Though I know it was really you Peter since Brian Murphy emailed me and asked me what the problem was since you were constantly emailing him (and i’m the one who doesn’t have a life?). Which one was it who wanted to buy cd-r’s from me and I turned your ass down cuz i know you’re Peter’s bitch!

  5. Laika says:

    ha ha it’s not??? we all know it’s you little retard. stop embarrassing yourself. now please go to hell or whatever suits you.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    One of us step up? I’ve told it was all alone who got you banned from How’s Your Edge. Why do you think there’s other people involved? I wish it was me who got you banned from eBay too but it wasn’t. And now you’re back as “punkroc82” selling your excellent CDRs. AWESOME DUDE!! YOU SHRED!!!!!!!

  7. DhW says:

    Nice to read Mike Rush is off. Got tired of reading his nonsense. To many lies.

    Cheers mate. Love the Flakes!

  8. Niteowl says:

    Im sorry for being such an asshole all the time. i have a mental illness and i am seeking help.

    i am an idiot

    kbd is the best blog

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