GG Allin – Gimme Some Head 7″



I won’t go into much detail about mad man GG. But fact is that in his early days he released some great classic stuff. While looking at pictures of how he looks in the early 80s it’s hard to believe what he did to himself to make himself ruin his good looks. And the later scum rock he played wich I think most of you knows is nothing like the early stuff.


I don’t like what he got famous for. But I love his stuff up till 1983. This is his third 7inch backed up by Wayne Kramer on guitar and Dennis Thompson on drums from MC5. Dead Or Alive should’ve been the a-side. Gimme Some Head is great no doubt about it but hey Wayne these small solos everywhere just gets annoying after awhile. Listen to what a great sweet voice he has here!


Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Orange
Format: 7″
Gimme Some Head.mp3
Dead Or Alive.mp3

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  1. E. says:

    Thanks for this! Indeed, much better than the shit (haha) he put out (haha) in his later, browner years. This record now is on my wantlist.

  2. h-bomb says:

    about a year or two ago i bought both this single, and the you hate me & I hate you/automatic/assface singles. I think they are re-releases. I checked the scans of the covers and couldn’t really find any diffferences.
    You should be able to get your hands on those easily. Also copies of the LP “Always was, is and always shall be” are easy to get, since it was re-released too. Unless you are allergic to re-releases and need originals only, ofcourse

  3. E. says:

    Wouldn’t say I’m allergic to re-releases … depends on the actual wallet situation …. You know ….

  4. fred says:

    I think it’s funny that punk collectors always zero in on GG’s lighter pop-punk stuff, which I got too, don’t get me wrong. But where he really went wild though was couple of years right after that period, just prior to his RIOR cassette fame, with the great Eat My Fuc lp, along with great 45s like I Wanna Rape You. There a couple of amazing videos, one of all the tunes circa the first lp (including this rekkid) with GG dressed real goofy, even wearing leg warmers. But the other set of videos from Eat My Fuc are amazing where he blows Iggy completely out of your memory cells. It’s on a great “set” that looks like an alley with a huge trash bin, which he crawls all over. Another killer even well-produced 45 was the first thing he released on Caroline, the Expose Yourself 45. That might be his last masterpiece, though I still like certain tunes off most of his latter records. The double LP on New Rose takes my vote as the greatest punk lp ever.

  5. Woody says:

    Here’s one of the videos Fred was talking about I think.

    GG Allin

  6. LustForDeath says:

    Dirty love songs is indeed one of the best punk lp(Double) ever!

  7. grant says:

    Yea, in my opinion the early jabbers material were gold, i do believe on the “Occupation” 7″ GG was backed with Dennis Thompson and Wayne Kramer…the title track is a VERY Cool song, probably one of my favorite GG tunes. You should post that if you got it.

  8. fred says:

    Thanks Woody that video was fucking great and I never evenheard of send space before. That was NOT part of the videos I was talking about though. There is a tape, name escapse me, of about 12 tunes, each filmed like a separate video of the first Lp era, then on the same tape about 12 more from the Eat My Fuc era. Both filmed indoors, like I said ona “set”. One point GG slams the side of his head on the concrete floor and you can feel the *crack*. Ouch!

  9. Woody says:

    Hmmm…I’m definitely gonna have to seek that tape out I guess.

    Sendspace is just a service like yousendit but it handles bigger files. I actually downloaded the video from somewhere online a while back and still had it in my computer so I figured I’d post it.

  10. fred says:

    I looked it up here:

    It’s the one titled Public Animal No.1. I guess they are the “Black and Blue Promos” & “Scum Fuc Alley Trash”. Good stuff.

  11. Degenerateen says:

    Funny early stuff if you like GG.. 2nd video’s kind of dumb.
    Jabbers – Assface promo

    old music video

  12. Tony says:

    I haven’t listened to this single in some years. To my ears, this single hasn’t stood the test of time. G.G.’s voice sounds cheesy and too commercial. The music is pretty good, but that singing just sounds like a dud to me. Same goes for some other early G.G. records like the “No Rules” EP which I traded away many years ago before G.G. and all those Orange label releases became collectible. I once found a stash of 6-7 copies of the “No Rules” 7″EP at this one store for $1 each but passed them up even. And that video of “Live Fast Die Fast” that Woody gave a link to above is really bad on several levels. First, yes it was the 80’s so a lot of early music videos were bad. Secondly, G.G.’s style of singing on a song with such a “punked out” title as “Live Fast Die Fast” kills it for me and sounds so tame. But once again the song was pretty good musically. The late 80’s/early 90’s G.G. was pretty amusing. Like back in 1988 when he ran a full page ad in Maximum Rock n’ Roll saying that he was going to kill himself on stage at some point in 1989. I remember marking my calendar for a future date to see if he actually did it (I think he was in prison on the date he was supposed to kill himself on stage). He played here in Chicago back in like 1990 or early 1991 and scared the shit out of the audience (I didn’t attend but someone I knew did). The guy that went said that G.G. jumped off the stage and chased the entire crowd around the place. The crowd of maybe 100 or soe people ran around like a herd of cattle with G.G. behind them chasing in hot pursuit. People then tried to exit the club but G.G. then blocked the exit. I don’t remember how the guy said the concert ended, but it probably involved G.G. eating some shit and beating himself in the head with a microphone or something. G.G. also appeared on a bad talk show here in the U.S. around 1990 or 1991 (“Sally Jessy Raphael” or some show like that). It was probably one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen as G.G. loudly chewed on gum the whole time and shouted all those nonsense answers to the host. Classic. I know, I know- for someone not into G.G.’s music I sure remember a lot of trivia about him.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have that 45 record, Gimme some head, and I found it after 30 years that it was given to me by the band in Manchester, NH. I was wondering if you had any idea what it is worth? it is an original and just like the one shown in the picture. I am trying to sell it and don’t know what price I should ask. If you have any Idea what it is worth it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Anonymous says:

      Youre insane – GG’s voice is fucking awesome on these tracks!!! Wayne Framers on guitar.? Come on Holmes… you’re fucked off.

    • Nathan G says:

      GG appeared on the following TV shows:Geraldo (92), Springer (93) and Jane Whitney (93.)

  13. Jay Thurston says:

    I loved this record when it came out. I gave it away in 1985 when he started becoming a real scumbag. In ’82 I used to correspond with him via mail, where he’d usually send me free records. He was a very decent person at one point, what a shame.

  14. Karl Bakla says:

    holy shit GG Allin, when I was in high school he sent me a letter covered in blood, yeah! These two tunes kicked ass, thanks!

  15. Loser Man says:

    Thanks !!!!!

    GG is God………….fuckingod

  16. GGs mom says:

    he was a goddamn freak dude

  17. SICKNICK! says:

    Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be. That is one epic album. although the last two songs suck. As nutty and ridiculous the man got, i still respect him
    for being a complete badass!! If you guys are G.G. Fans check out the book
    “I Was A Murder Junkie” by even cohen. its a pretty funny and interesting read.

  18. elliott says:

    i don’t think he was rediculis in any way. i think he was what punk was supposed to represent. i want to own everything he recorded. i think gg allin is the best punk frontman ever. no fuck that he’s god of music! noone even comes close. yeah he was a scumfuck asshole. and that’s the way he liked it. i bought hated. what a great movy. actually brutallity and bloodshed for all is the best album he put out. wait peter you don’t like what he got famous for? in my opinion he was just doing what he wanted. why do you think i went under the name gg allin all that time? because gg is my hero. i wish i had the balls to do what he did. and his music. oh my god (satan) how can you come close to that? scum punk at it’s finest. even the early stuff if you listen closely is bassed on the same subjects. gg allin (real name jesus christ allin) is punk rock to me.

  19. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey “Anonymous”, depends on the condition buy maybe 50-80 dollars.

  20. Lisa says:

    Does anyone know what this record is worth? I got it from one of his concerts when I lived in Manchester, NH and I have had it all this time! I just found it the other day and am trying to sell it. the vinyl is in mint condition, the record sleeve is a little wrinkled, but otherwise in good condition. Any help on this would be appreciated.

  21. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Lisa you already got an answer. I´m an avid collector so…

  22. boots! says:

    just got this in the mail!!! awesome!!

  23. Caz says:

    Time and time again, GG Allin seems to be one of the artists I come back to the most. I’m aware of all the typical rebuttals as to why I shouldn’t like him – he’s sadistic, he chased fame, his music is low effort, lyrics sometimes incomprehensible – but for some reason I love him. He is one of my favorite artists in punk rock, so much so that if it would make the teetotalers feel better maybe he should be classified into his own category: scum punk.

    These early records really are timeless, I think I agree with you in that they’re his best work. I think part of the appeal for GG comes in that he’s actually a failure – he never really achieved international fame until the very end of his life, and that was mostly because of his on and off-stage antics. I think there is something very relateable about someone who didn’t “make it.”

    I recently read a pdf I found online called “America’s Favorite Son: GG Allin’s autobiography,” or something like that. It was very weird; the whole thing took me about 4 hours to get through, there are many spelling and grammatical errors, the narrarration alternates between first and third person, and it cuts off abruptly right before the kidnapping incident that led to his big prison stint in the late 80s. I think that the book (memoir?) was legitimately written by either GG or Merle. The details were far too specific to be made up. It followed GG’s life very closely, basically from birth to the aforementioned incident.

    I’m not sure where I’m going with this – it was a great read and I’d highly recommend it if you like GG, because it covers the early days pretty well. I don’t think he was embellishing things too much either. He mentions a lot of scummy, sick shit that I totally believe he would have done – playing with handcuffs with his girlfriend before betraying her trust and leaving her there while he went out, shooting up cocaine for the first time and subsequent use, raping his blacked out girlfriend multiple times, joining a mail-order satanist group, and he often gives specific names of people & places as well. But the really cool part was learning about his friendship with Cheetah Chrome, David Peel, and the various band members he cycled through for these recordings. I never realized just how much David Peel played a part in supporting GG early on, he mentions this record and how excited he was to work with the MC2 – If I recall correctly, he wrote to them without telling that the other would be there as they were in the middle of some kind of minor feud, but the correspondance actually ended up saving their relationship. Super interesting stuff

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